LoL MSI 2022: How to Get Free Drops & Watch Rewards

MSI 2022 is here, and you can get exclusive icons, emotes, and some other loot by just watching the MSI games.

Other than Worlds, MSI is the biggest international League of Legends competitive event. Only the Spring Split champion of each region competes in the MSI, making it a smaller tournament. But it is still competitive and fun to watch the best teams from each region fight each other. For Worlds 2021, Riot gave out free drops for watching games. And for MSI 2022, Riot is also going to reward fans for watching the games.

MSI 2022 has just started, and there are plenty of games to go through, and you have a chance to get some exclusive rewards. The first day was fantastic, and we had some explosive matches. If you are an esports fan, you will most likely be watching the MSI matches. So it makes sense just to log in and start earning rewards for watching the games.

MSI 2022 Watch Rewards

Riot gave out exclusive Emotes, Icons, Esports Capsule, Hextech Chests, and Keys for watching Worlds 2021. But for MSI, there haven’t been any specific announcements from Riot about the rewards. From the looks of things, this year’s rewards will be some emotes, icons, and ward skins from the Capsules.

Here is a list of many emotes and icons that will come out through the year. Some of them will be included in the MSI Watch Drops. The capsules for MSI will focus on Rell, Taliyah, Morgana, Viego, Leblanc, Rengar, etc. Unfortunately, there doesn’t look to be any major rewards like skin shards.

How to Get MSI 2022 Drops

Just like Worlds 2021 Watch Drops, to earn MSI 2022 Drops, all you need to do is:

You will be able to see how many games and how many hours you have watched. MSI will go on till May 29, 2022. So there is plenty of time to watch games and earn some rewards.

You can also read some of our other articles to learn about the Teams and Format of this year’s MSI.

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