LoL Event Pass Rework to be Released During Worlds 2022

Rifat Mahmood
By Rifat Mahmood
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Image Via Riot Games

The reworked event pass for League of Legends seems to have been delayed again. Riot is planning to introduce it during the Worlds 2022 event.

Riot announced the Mythic Content Overhaul earlier this year, divided into three phases. The first phase introduced Mythic Essence, which replaced Gemstones and Prestige Points. And fans also got a Rotating Mythic Shop and new thematic Mythic skins. In phase two, Riot released Showcase and Masterwork Milestones.

Phase two also includes Prestige 2.0, which means new prestige skins which look more than just a golden chroma. Riot has already released Prestige Lunar Eclipse Senna and High Noon Talon. They certainly look better than previous prestige skins, with a completely different splash art than their non-prestige counterparts.

Phase 3 will include a reworked event pass system, similar to battle passes of other games. So you will need to play games to unlock different rewards. Though fans were expecting the battle pass to be introduced with Star Guardian 2022 event, it looks like phase three will be delayed until the end of the year.

Event Pass Overhaul Release Date

Riot KenAdamsNSA, Product lead of events in League of Legends, the event pass overhaul will be introduced in the fourth quarter of this year. Riot KenAdamsNSA also mentions that they are planning to release it with Worlds 2022 event.

Spideraxe30 (@Spideraxe30) shared the screenshot of the comment on Twitter. So fans will have to wait a bit more for the reworked event pass. Worlds 2021 started in October, and this year it should be the same as well.

Fans will be expecting an event pass that is easy to complete. Every event has an exclusive prestige skin that cannot be claimed without buying the pass. But grinding the pass to collect enough tokens can often take a lot of time and games. For casual players, it is hard to collect 2000 event tokens for the prestige skins, let alone other rewards.

Rifat Mahmood is a former League of Legends writer at GameRiv.