How to Get Free Eclipse 2022 Event Capsule & Grab Bag in League of Legends

Rifat Mahmood
By Rifat Mahmood
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Image Via Riot Games

You can get an Eclipse 2022 event capsule and Eclipse Grab bag just by completing some missions in League of Legends Patch 12.8.

League of Legends Patch 12.8 brings the Showcase Milestone system. This allows players to open event capsules and work their way through the milestone to receive various rewards. By opening 25 capsules, you can earn 125 Mythic Essence, Eclipse Senna, Sejuani, Kayle, Aatrox, and some other rewards.

The Mythic Overhaul is in its second phase with Mythic Essence, Mythic Shop, Masterwork Milestone, and the newly added Showcase Milestone. In the third phase, Riot will introduce a new event pass system.

For the launch of Showcase Milestones, Riot has added some ‘gifts’ for the players.

Free Eclipse 2022 Capsule and Grab Bag

During every event, Riot adds some free missions and some event pass exclusive missions. The free missions don’t need an event pass to unlock, and players can get 300 event tokens and some other rewards.

Likewise, for the launch of showcase milestones, Riot has added free Eclipse 2022 missions that players can complete to earn the following rewards.

  • 1 Eclipse 2022 Capsule
  • 1 Eclipse 2022 Grab Bag
Eclipse 2022 Capsule, Image Via Riot Games
Grab bag
Eclipse 2022 Grab Bag, Image Via Riot Games

So, that is six skin shards in total for free.

Eclipse 2022 Missions

Here are all the Showcase Missions for Eclipse 2022:

“O brave knight seek our lightless champions Embrace the Eclipse”200 Orange Essence

More Missions:

Slay a Sun Eater? That’s Gonna Cost Ya – 1 of 5 (Matchmade games only)Earn 30,000 Gold250 Blue Essence
Weapon of a Lost Age – 2 of 5 (Matchmade games only)Earn a Vision Score of 35 or more1 Hextech Key
The Beast Rider’s Trial – 3 of 5 (Matchmade games only)As a Team Slay 4 Epic Monsters in One Game1 Hextech Chest
Knights of the Empty Moon – 4 of 5 (Matchmade games only)Get 12 or more Takedowns in One Game


Win a game against an Aatrox
1 Hextech Chest + Key
She Must Be Stopped – 5 of 5 (Matchmade games only)Win a Game with or as Sivir, Senna, or Sejuani


Get 500 Objective Points for playing and winning games
1 Masterwork Chest + Key

Rifat Mahmood is a former League of Legends writer at GameRiv.