LoL Arena Maps Getting Hexgates, Revive Mechanic, and More

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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As Arena is coming back to League of Legends, Riot has revealed some new additions like Revive Mechanic, Hexgates, and even more.

Before the start of the mid-season, Riot released a brand new game mode in League of Legends called Arena. This game mode featured a completely new format, map, gameplay mechanics, and much more.

Firstly, before that, most new game modes only featured Summoner’s Rift. So when Arena had its own map, players were very excited. Moreover, instead of 5v5, Arena was 2v2v2v2, meaning that four teams of two compete against each other. So, only one team can win each match. Additionally, there were other mechanics like Augments and Cameos.

Augments are permanent buffs that players can choose during the preparation phase. These augments can be slight buffs, like giving extra AD or AP to having a completely new ability from a different champion. Thanks to these augments, this game mode can lead to some unexpected yet fun team fights.

As this was a temporary game mode, Riot disabled this game mode in August. However, they have recently confirmed that they are bringing the game mode back into the game in December. Additionally, this time, Arenas will have some significant changes, including new mechanics, more augments, more cameos, etc.

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League of Legends Arena: New Mechanic

New Hexgates

There will be Hexgates in the Arena map. With this, squishier champions like mages and enchanters can keep their distance. Moreover, unlike the Hexgates in the Summoner’s Rift, these Arena gates will go on a global cooldown when used once. So players can make a quick escape using these gates.

More Augments

While Augments had its issues, players enjoyed it a lot. However, the issue with Augments was that players were only picking the ones that their champions could benefit from immensely. If they didn’t get their preferred Augments from the get-go, they would re-roll till they got it. Now, Augments would be limited to two copies for each match. So, as Augments are picked, players are less likely to see the exact Augments multiple times. With that, we will see more diverse Augments built in Arena v2. Furthermore, we are getting over 60 different new Augments. So, players will have a blast experimenting with all of them.

Arena Revive Mechanic

One flaw with the original Arena was that once only one player dies, that team instantly gains a huge disadvantage as not many champions can properly 1v2. Now, once a player dies, there will be a circle that will spawn over their body. If their teammate stands over that circle for a short period of time, the other teammate will be revived. However, each teammate can only be revived once per round. That way, fights will feel fairer than before.


Riot Games has confirmed that not all cameos from the previous version would appear. However, the most enjoyable ones are returning alongside some newer ones from the upcoming Winterblessed skin line. All of the new cameos are,

League of Legends Arena: Release Date

The second iteration of Arena is coming out on patch 13.23, scheduled for Tuesday, November 21, 2023.

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