All LoL 2023 Season Kickoff Event Emotes

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Image Credit: Riot Games

The Emotes for the Season Kickoff 2023 Event have been revealed as pro players from different regions have personalized them.

Season 13 of League of Legends is in full swing as we are a few months in, with Patch 13.5 released not too long ago. Patch 13.6 is coming soon with the introduction of Milio, the latest champion to come to League of Legends.

With any new season, the pro leagues are also on the way. As of writing this article, all the leagues are in the Spring Splits, preparing to go to MSI 2023. Worlds and MSI 2023 have new formats this year to make it more exciting to watch. Now incorporated with more Best of series, finally the formats and becoming more modern.

In 2023, Riot decided to do a fun tournament called Season Kickoff to create more hype toward Esports. Each of the different leagues selected popular players from each team to have showcase match(es). The winners got to select personalized emotes and release them into the game. Now, we finally get to see all of them, and here they all are as follows.

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Season Kickoff 2023 Event Emotes

SkinSpotlights showed us some of the emotes coming from the Season Kickoff 2023 Event. The entire list looks incomplete as there are no VCS emotes, LJL has only 1, PCS has 2, and LLA only has 4. So, hopefully, we will get the full list soon.

As there are different leagues involved, each player on the winning team got to personalize an emote. Here are all the emotes that SkinSpotlights have revealed.


LCK Season Kickoff 2023 Emotes
Image Credit: Riot Games

These are the LCK emotes, and they are as follows from left to right (names are not fixed and not announced):

  • Renekton Emote (BRO Morgan)
  • Gragas Emote (KT Cuzz)
  • Alpaca Emote (GEN Chovy)
  • Foxy Emote (DK Deft)
  • Rakan Emote (NS Peter)

It seems Chovy and Deft decided to do Emotes for each other as the Alpaca makes it in. Meanwhile, Morgan got to put his most played champion in Renekton into the game. All the emotes look nice, and the Alpaca one will be the most popular.


LPL Season Kickoff 2023 Emotes
Image Credit: Riot Games

LPL Players selected the following emotes as rewards for Season Kickoff 2023 from left to right (names not confirmed):

  • No You Don’t (WBG TheShy)
  • Take That (NIP XLB)
  • That’s It (BLG Yagao)
  • Miss Me (TES JackeyLove)
  • Check That Out (IG Wink)

It is like TheShy to put such an emote into the game, as he embodies that aggressive playstyle. The Lee Sin one is quite nice, while the Draven emote is very much in line with JackeyLove’s main. These are some nice emote selections, and players would definitely want them.


Winners have chosen their emotes from the LEC as here are the five they personalized:

In For A Shock Emote
Image Credit: Riot Games
LEC Season Kickoff 2023 Emotes
Image Credit: Riot Games
  • In For A Shock (FNC Rekkles)
  • My Job is Done (KOI Trymbi)
  • Boba Break (SK Exakick)
  • Take That L (TH Evi)
  • Not This Time (AST Finn)

These emotes are probably some of the better ones on the list. Especially the Ziggs one, which seems like the perfect time to use when you outplay your opponent and just walk away. They are definitely some of my favorites out of all of them.


Here are all the LCS emotes from left to right.

LCS Season Kickoff 2023 Emotes
  • Riven Emote (IMT Revenge)
  • Bee For Real (FLY Spica)
  • Pawdon Me (EG Jojopyun)
  • Crab9 (C9 Berserker)
  • Gimme Dat (100T Busio)

All of these are pretty personalized in a way. Pawdon Me looks pretty nice, while Blabber has been immortalized in the game with the Crab9 emote. A good selection of emotes worth earning and getting.


Only one emote for the LJL has been revealed, and here it is as follows.

Nice Try Emote

This emote is called Nice Try, and it’s hard to say whether DFM Yutapon or DFM Aria got this emote. It’s a neat emote and looks pretty nice.


Four LLA emotes have been revealed, and here they are as follows (from left to right):

LLA Season Kickoff 2023 Emotes
  • PFFF (ISG Kaze)
  • El Toro Draven (R7 Ceo)
  • EL Topo (INF Ackerman)
  • Zoe Emote (6K Cody)

The Draven one looks neat, while the rest look pretty nice. The exact names are unknown or translated into English yet, but getting them will be pretty nice.


Five emotes have been revealed from the CBLOL players, and here they are as follows (left to right):

CBLOL Season Kickoff 2023 Emotes 1
  • TY Bro (FX Tay)
  • Crying Emote (RED Aegis)
  • C’mon People (PNG dyNquedo)
CBLOL Season Kickoff 2023 Emotes 2
  • Hulk Huff (KBM DudsTheBoy)
  • The Neigh of a Certain Horse (LBR Cavalo)

These are unique in terms of the different images used. Most of them are not champion related, making them excellent additions to expressing emotions during games. Those are great choices by the CBLOL players.


Only two emotes have been released from the PCS. Here they are as follows (from left to right):

PCS Season Kickoff 2023 Emotes
  • Show Me Your Love (PSG ubao)
  • That’s Just Great (PSG Wako)

They look pretty nice and should be good additions to an emote collection.

How to Get These Emotes

It is currently unknown how everyone can earn these rewards, but many can assume that it will be through esports drops. Also, as mentioned earlier, all the season kickoff emotes have not been revealed, as emotes from the VCS are missing, and more are to come from the PCS, LJL, and LLA.

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