Locations of All Boss Weapon: Lords of the Fallen

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Learn how to get Boss Weapon in Lords of the Fallen.

Lords of the Fallen has taken the gaming world by storm with its very unique and amazing combat mechanism. Most part of the game includes a lot of combats in two different realms of the LotF world. With the unique combat mechanism comes a lot of unique gameplay elements related to the enemies and bosses of the game. One of them is the Boss Weapon option that is available in Lords of the Fallen.

There are several bosses in Lords of the Fallen against whom you will be required to fight at different stages of the game. These bosses wield different strong weapons, which can fortunately be collected by you after beating them. However, the process of collecting these weapons is a bit complex and lengthy. In this guide, we will show you how to get the boss weapon in Lords of the Fallen.

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How to Get Boss Weapon in Lords of the Fallen

Before going for the weapons, you must go through a lengthy and tough process to make yourself eligible to receive them. As the first step, you must collect the Bowl of Revelations. Visit the Pilgrim’s Perch area and enter its umbral realm. Now, go through Vestige of Agatha, and after getting past the bellroom, head through the tunnel on your right. Then, take the ladder to go down and enter the umbral realm.

Here, you will find the Bowl of Revelations, but it will be heavily guarded by numerous Umbral creatures. Defeat them in order to successfully acquire the item. You will be required to soul-flay the item in order to obtain it. After getting the item in your hand, make your way back to the Skyrest Bridge.

After you are done acquiring the Bowl of Revelations, you now need to collect the memory of the boss to whom the weapon belongs. Collecting the memories is a rather easy task to do. Visit the arena where you defeated the bosses and enter the Umbral. In the umbral of these arenas, you will find the memory of the defeated bosses. Soul flay these memories in order to collect the memory for that specific boss.

Now, come to the Skyrest Bridge and enter the Umbral again. Here, you can find an NPC called Molhu. Now, give the Bowl of Revelations to the NPC, and it will give you a choice to select the Boss Weapon you want to collect with the help of the Remembrance you collected before. You must repeat the whole process every time separately for collecting the Boss Weapon for each of the bosses.

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