Skyrest Bridge Key Location in Lords of the Fallen

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Achieve the Skyrest Bridge Key to earn rare items for a more exciting adventure in Lords of the Fallen. We will show you the Skyrest Bridge Key location in this guide.

Experience an unsettling fantasy in the dark world of Lords of the Fallen. Roam around the cross-dimensional world to uncover the secrets and become the dark knight that all were waiting for. In the meantime, fight against the mighty evils to collect loot and survive. Get shields, weapons, and resources along with vigor for smooth gameplay.

You will encounter hidden items in different parts of the Lords of the Fallen map. Axiom and Umbral are two of the most important places to visit and collect rare resources. As you start your journey in these areas, you will come across the Skyrest Bridge and the Key along with it. The key holds a very significant position to earn rewards. Hop in to learn more about it.

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Skyrest Bridge Key Location

To find the Key location, you need to;

Visit the Skyrest Bridge First

Open the map and head over to the Bridge. As you enter, a boss rival will appear and attack you. Defeat Pieta, the boss enemy, and you are good to go inside. Look for clues, explore the place, and then leave the place for Chabui.

Head Over to Chabui

After leaving the Bridge area, the immediate area that comes next is Chabui. Find the Vestige of Chabui to activate it. After that, you will see the hanging platforms on the side of the Vestige. Go to that place and use the Ladder on the right to find an elevator.

Skyrest Bridge Key Location in Lords of the Fallen
credit: ninja pups (youtube)

Once you find the Elevator, use it to come to the top.

Brighten up the Dead End

Skyrest Bridge Key Location in Lords of the Fallen
credit: ninja pups (youtube)

After you have come to the top with the Elevator, go left and get down the stairs to find the dead end. Use the Umbral Magical Lamp to lighten the stairs to the dead end. But it is suggested that you use the Lantern while you explore Axiom as the place is filled with deadly enemies, and you need the Lamp there more than ever to locate the whole area quickly.

Use Soul Flay

Turn around from the dead end, and you will see a platform, and once you throw your lantern light upon it, you will see a broken Bridge. Walk over the Bridge to get to another Platform.

After that, use the Teleportation option to get back to the Umbral Realm, where you will have to defeat 3 deadly enemies. After defeating each of them successfully, click on the Soul Flay option on the screen to activate the Bridge.

Skyrest Bridge Key Location in Lords of the Fallen
credit: ninja pups (youtube)

Now, Teleport is to go back to the newly activated Bridge. Walk over it, and you will see another Bride on the side. Head over there to find a Statue in the middle. Use Soul Flay again on the statue to get the Key.

Skyrest Bridge Key Location in Lords of the Fallen
credit: ninja pups (youtube)

Two shadow enemies will come running toward you. Deal heavy damage to run from that place to survive. Don’t lose the key.

Use the Skyrest Bridge Key to open a portal door and get back to your Vestige to heal.

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