List of Champions CC Milio Can Interrupt in League of Legends

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Milio’s Q ability has a few unique interactions with other champions’ abilities, which we will go through in this article.

The newest champion to the League of Legends roster, Milio, The Gentle Flame, is finally here. He was recently released to the live servers on Patch 13.6.

The Gentle Flame is an enchanter champion hailing from the region Ixtal. He is a warmhearted boy who has, despite his young age, mastered the fire axiom and discovered something new: soothing fire. With these newfound powers and friends, “furnasita” and “fuemigos,” He travels to fulfill his journey to join the Yun Tal in Ixtal to redeem his family. Along his journey, he uses the soothing fire to heal and help people rather than to cause destruction.

In game, Milio utilizes his soothing fire to damage and slow his foes while healing and enhancing his teammates. Milio’s passive Fired Up! allows him to enchant the ally’s abilities. His R – Breath of Life is an area of effect healing that can also cleanse allies in range of crowd control abilities. Milio’s E- Warm Hugs shields and gives movement speed to allies, while his W – Cozy Campfire heals and gives attack range to allies.

And lastly, his Q – Ultra Mega Fire Kick can stun enemies. But along with stunning, the ability has some unique interactions. For example, it can cancel dashes and some CC abilities. In this article, we will take a look at Q interactions.

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List of CC Milio Can Interrupt

A well-timed Milio Q – Ultra Mega Fire Kick can cancel all abilities that require channeling. Additionally, it can also interrupt dashes and CC abilities. Here is a list of some of the notable ones:

  • Amumu: Q – Bandage Toss
  • Alistar: W – Headbutt
  • Camille: E – Hookshot
  • Jarvan IV: Q – Dragon Strike
  • Leona: E – Zenith Blade
  • Lee Sin: Q – Sonic Wave
  • Nautilus: Q – Dredge Line
  • Pantheon: W – Shield Vault
  • Rakan: W – Grand Entrance
  • Rell: W – Ferromancy: Crash Down
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