Lillia’s Splash Art has been allegedly leaked

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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League of Legends’ upcoming dreamy jungler Lillia’s Splash Art has been allegedly leaked on Reddit.

In the 2020 champion roadmap, Riot Games introduced that there will be three new champions in 2020, a dreamy jungler, a masked assassin, and a thrill-seeking marksman. Riot is planning to reveal the dreamy jungler and the masked champion in the upcoming summer event and the thrill-seeking marksman later this year.

But apparently, data miners have already leaked the voice lines of the upcoming two champions. In one of the lines, the masked champion said to Lillia, “They took your home Lillia, do not forget this loss, let it course through you.”

On top of that, a few days ago, on the PBE, Riot added a new token similar to Sett’s token named Lillia’s Haiku. After that, players were convinced that the dreamy jungler will be called Lillia and there will also be a free way to get her.

And today, on the Lillia mains subreddit, Lillia’s Splash Art has allegedly been leaked where she looks a lot more like Neeko.

Lillia Splash Art:

Lillia Splash Art
Lillia Splash Art from r/LilliaMains

A Brazilian leaker named Streamie also revealed some new info on how the Lillia is going to look like. According to the leaker, Lillia’s hair would be very close to Neeko’s. And Lillia is like a Centaur but with a deer lower body.

Although Riot has not officially revealed anything yet, we can expect her to reveal on the patch 10.15 preview and her full release on patch 10.15.

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