Riot teases a possible free way to get Lillia and Soraka & Yasuo’s Prestige Skin in the PBE

Lillia’s voice line has already been leaked and now it seems like players will be able to unlock Lillia for free with the new token.

A data miner named Comrade has already leaked the voice lines of the upcoming two champions: the dreamy jungler, masked assassin. In the voice line, the masked champion mentioned Lillia by saying, “They took your home Lillia, do not forget this loss, let it course through you.”

And now on the patch 10.14 PBE cycle, a new token has appeared by the name Lillia’s Haiku. As the token is also carrying the name “Lillia”, League of Legends players are now convinced that the dreamy jungler will be called Lillia.

Lillia’s Haiku token Via Surrenderat20

On the PBE there is also a note that says, “You discovered Lillia in the forest. Openable on July 22nd, 2020 at 12:00 p.m PT.”

Previously during Sett’s release, Riot also made a token which was achievable by completing some missions. And after unlocking that token players were given Sett for free. And now it seems like, with this Lillia’s Haiku token, Riot is planning to do similar things where players will be able to get Lillia for free. Although what the missions will be are still unknown, by the note it is clear that it will be openable on July 22nd.

In the meantime, Riot Games has also given a teaser in the PBE that both Soraka and Yasuo will be getting their own Prestige Edition Skins. Riot has not revealed the look of skins yet but they mentioned that both skins will be coming out in 2020.

Lillia is still mysterious but we can expect her to reveal in the patch 10.15 PBE cycle and her full release on patch 10.15.


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