Lifeline Reborn will be the Next Legend Rework, Leaks Suggest

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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New information from a reputed leaker suggests that Lifeline will receive rework in Apex in Season 22.

Before season 16 of Apex Legends, Respawn used to release a new character every season. As the roster of Legends kept increasing, Respawn decided to halt the trend of introducing a unique character with every new season.

The developers also confirmed that they wouldn’t introduce new Legends quite often. Instead, a new character will be introduced every second season. We’ve already started witnessing a similar trend beginning in Season 16 followed by the ongoing season.

However, that doesn’t mean the Legends will remain untouched. In Season 16, Respawn made a huge class rework, followed by Revenant Reborn in Season 18. So, instead of introducing a new character, the developers will make some massive tweaks to Legends that’ll change the meta of the game.

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Lifeline will be the Next Legend to Reborn

In Season 18, Respawn made a massive rework to Revenant. All of his abilities went through some sort of changes, and the Legend became one of the most-picked characters in the game.

The response to Revenant Rework was tremendously positive. Thankfully, Revenant will not be the last Legend to undergo this sort of change. According to Osvaldatore, Lifeline will receive a similar rework in the future.

Although Lifeline was popular when she could use her res-shield and fast-healing ability, it dramatically changed after the nerf. Since then, no matter what Respawn did with Lifeline, it couldn’t bring her back into the meta. However, if Lifeline happens to receive a similar rework to Revenant, it’ll surely spice things up for our favorite healer.

One thing to notice is that Osvaldatore didn’t mention what type of rework Lifeline will go through in the reborn version. So, it can’t be said for certain whether the community will welcome the Lifeline rework similar to the Revenant.

When will Lifeline Reborn?

According to Osvaldatore, Lifeline will receive the rework in Season 22. Osvaldatore has been pretty accurate with all the information provided so far. So, the information received from the leaker is pretty reliable. Nonetheless, take it with a grain of salt, as Respawn may scrap the idea of reworking Lifeline anytime.

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