Lies Of P (LOP): Where to Buy Hidden Moonstones?

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Credit: Neowiz Games, Round8 Studio

Obtaining or buying the Hidden Moonstones is pretty easy in LOP. We will show you all the steps and tricks to get these Moonstones without any hassle.

Explore the Krat, a city where robotic puppets of a different kind kill all the humans in Lies of P. Craft your weapons. Fight against these hostile enemies as a fighter robotic puppet Pinocchio and uncover the hidden mysteries of Lies of P. Complete quests and side missions to earn XPs to unlock various areas, weapons, unique items, and many more.

Apart from the weapons and upgrades, there is one important but rare resource to collect, which is Moonstone. These Hidden Moonstones help enhance the power and strength of each of your weapons up to +3 in LOP. Getting these Hidden Moonstones is not so difficult, but not so hard either. Follow some certain steps to gather or purchase these moonstones in LOP.

Where can You Buy Hidden Moonstones?

To buy and get the Hideen Moonstones;

Get the Krat Supply Box First

Visit St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel and get to the top floor by using the Elevator. After reaching the top, you may find a Decay enemy guarding a Treasure Chest.

Lies Of P (LOP) - Where to Buy Hidden Moonstones?
Credit: gamer Guru (Youtube)

Once you approach the chest, the hostile puppet may try to harm you. Deal damage heavily and kill it to obtain the Treasure Chest with the Krat Supply Box within it.

Hand Over the Krat Supply Box to Poledina

Once you get the Supply Box, get over to Poledina’s Shop and hand him the box. He will take the Krat Supply Box and become happy. After that, Poledina will stock his shop with an immense amount of Hidden Gemstones and other resources as well.

Now that you have given Poeldina the Krat Supply Box, the new resources, along with the prices, are;

  • Hidden Moonstones: 300 Ergo
  • Bright Red Apple: 1000 Ergo
  • Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant: 1560 Ergo
Lies Of P (LOP) - Where to Buy Hidden Moonstones?
Credit: gamer Guru (Youtube)

Remember, the Hidden Moonstones are in unlimited stock, and whenever you need these stones, you must have 300 Ergo in your pocket to purchase one.

Also, be cautious about the other two resources, as those are not unlimited, like the Hidden Moonstones in LOP.

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