Lies of P (LOP): How to Get Golden Lie

Adib Pritom
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If you are looking to get Golden Lie, follow these steps.

With no difficulty settings in the game, Lies of P can be challenging for many players. The game features complex combat mechanics along with some very hard-to-beat bosses. The game follows the story of Pinnochio, whom we all know for lying, and his journey against the puppet forces in the city of Krat.

The soulslike game has taken the story of a child fable and turned it into a massive game with many twists. Like the story we all know about, the players can lie as they progress with the game’s story. Lying would increase their lie record, which later on can help them get the Golden Lie, one of the strongest weapons in the game. Now, let’s find out how to get the Golden Lie in Lies of P.

How to Get the Lie Ending in Lies of P

You can only get the Golden Lie weapon if you have played along the way for the Lie ending of the game. For this, you must follow specific methods and practices throughout your game to trigger the Lie Ending in Lies of P.

  • Tell All Lies in the Lie System. Throughout the game, choose the dialogue that is a Lie during Lie System Scenarios.
  • Defeat Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood. You must fight against a boss called Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood at one point in the game. You must defeat the boss to get the Lie Ending later in the game.
  • Find “Portrait of a Boy”. After defeating the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, head inside the Black Rabbit Brotherhood hideout to find the Portrait of a Boy. Go to the room on the left side of the entrance, near the stairs. This is a significant item in the game. Once you have collected the item, bring it back to Geppetto in Hotel Krat.
  • Select the dialogue option “Give her peace” during your conversation with Sophia in her room at the Ascension Bridge after defeating Laxasia the Complete.
  • Defeat the boss, Simon Manus, Awakened God.
  • Refuse to give your Heart to Geppetto.
  • Defeat the boss, Nameless Puppet.

How to Get Golden Lie

After completing all these, meet Geppetto and go near the portrait you brought to him. You will notice that the portrait’s nose has grown longer. This represents the growing nose we heard about in the fable. If you decide to Lie during the Lie System, the nose will grow, whereas the nose will shrink if you tell the truth. Once you have reached there, play all your Lie Records and then examine the Portrait again to get the Golden Lie.

Golden Lie Stats

  • Type: Blunt (Special Weapon)
  • Fable Art: Storm Attack, Furious Golden Hits
  • Fable Charge: 379
  • Damage: 94
  • Durability: 84
  • Weight: 12/3
  • Motivity: C
  • Technique: C

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