Lies of P (LOP): All Quests

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Credit: Neowiz Games, Round8 Studio

Kindly get to the end of this guide to learn about all the quests in Lies of P, filled with thrilling experiences.

Embark your journey to the City of Krat in Lies of P by role-playing as the robotic Pinocchio. The action and combats come with a complete package in this game, along with hidden mysteries and missions. Complete quests and gather resources for smooth gameplay of LOP.

As we are talking about the missions and quests in LOP, there are two types of these. Main missions and side quests: the main missions are created alongside the main storyline of Lies of P. And these primary quests bring about the real excitement and thrill of LOP.

All Quests in Lies of P

The main missions or these primary quests are aligned with the central campaign of Lies of P. Completing these quests properly will get you rare items, resources, weapons, upgrades, and even extra XPs.

In each mission, you may find a Stargazer, which will help you to increase or modify your Health Stats. Moreover, the Stargazers will enable the teleportation feature to travel from one location to another quicker than ever before.

All the missions in Lies of P are;

Find My Baby

  • Mission: Find the crying woman, and she will ask you to find her baby back to her.
  • Location: Elysion Boulevard.
  • Stargazer: Inside the Boulevard house.

Find My Partner

  • Mission: Find Belle’s lover and ease her sadness.
  • Location: Grand Exhibition.
  • Stargazer: Inside the Gallery of the Exhibition.

Find My Wife’s Belongings

  • Mission: The sad gentleman, Julian, will ask you to find his wife’s items, who has died.
  • Location: Rosa Isabelle Street.
  • Stargazer: Near the Culvart of the Isabelle Street.

Return The Archbishop’s Holy Mark

  • Mission: Find and return the Archbishop’s holy mark to calm Sister Cecile down.
  • Location: St. Frangelico Cathedral.
  • Stargazer: Inside the Cathedral’s Library.

The Actress In The Opera House

  • Mission: Find and help Adelina quench or fulfil her thirst.
  • Location: Estella Opera House.
  • Stargazer: At the Opera House’s Entrance.

The Bottle of Lablewis

  • Mission: Notice the old lady near the window and deliver her a bottle of wine.
  • Location: Rosa Isabelle Street.
  • Stargazer: Near the Entrance of the Isabelle Street.

The Broken Puppet

  • Mission: Find the broken puppet. Then, implement and exercise emotions on it.
  • Location: Barren Swap.
  • Stargazer: Inside the Barren Swamp.

Toma’s Request

  • Mission: Search Toma, and once you do that, help him remember the game he loved. And try to play the game along with him so that he can remember easily.
  • Location: Elysion Boulevard.
  • Stargazer: Inside the Boulevard house.

Venigni’s Request: The Missing Butler

  • Mission: Find Venigni’s Butler, whose name is Pulcinella. Once you find him, get him to Venigni.
  • Location: Workshop Union.
  • Stargazer: Near the Control Room where Venigni usually works.

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