LeBlanc Gets Big Buffs On LoL Patch 13.5

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Riot is set to buff LeBlanc in Patch 13.5 of League of Legends.

Patch 13.4 of League of Legends was a massive patch for the game. It introduced a lot of champion, item, and rune changes. Also, there were some critical updates for Clash and more. The ARAM update for Patch 13.4 was also significant for the game mode. Recent updates show that Riot is at work to put out more and more changes in these patches.

Many of these changes generally address outliers, overshooting buffs, or helping weak champions/items. For the most part, this year has had quite several significant changes that have altered the meta. Also, the Balance Team has talked about addressing persistent metas like the Enchanter Support meta. Overall, they have done a decent job so far.

Moving on to Patch 13.5, new changes have been found through the PBE patch, as LeBlanc is getting a buff. LeBlanc players have been clamoring for some buffs to her, and it seems there is more coming. Let’s talk about the buffs coming to the champion.

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LeBlanc Buffs Patch 13.5

Before talking about the changes, here they are as follows. Spideraxe also revealed them in a tweet.

  • Q – Sigil of Malice:
    • Refreshes 30% cooldown or refunds 100% mana if either activation or cast kills a target (enemy/minion).
    • Bonus Damage on Minions: 0 >>> 10-146.
  • R – Mimic: Sigil of Malice:
    • Gets the same effects as Q – Sigil of Malice.

By buffing the Q, it gives more burst potential and wave clear to LeBlanc. Now, she can clear waves with Q without many drawbacks. Also, this buffs her R as well a little.

The issue with LeBlanc is that it is complicated to make changes for her. It is easy for her to become a top pick in Solo Queue. Thus, Riot has to tread water as they tweak the champion and finalize the changes. So far, the change looks pretty solid and doesn’t look too much to put in. Hopefully, this buff will address the concerns of LeBlanc players and improve the champion.

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