League players will be able to Surrender after 10 minutes if there is an AFK in the team from patch 10.24

Both Early Surrender and LP Consolation are making their way into League of Legends on patch 10.24.

Riot Games has been getting a lot of backlashes from the League community for their lack of actions towards AFK players for years now. However, in the last couple of months, Riot has brought some significant changes to League of Legends to detect game running behaviors more efficiently.

Previously on patch 10.13, Riot released the champ select reporting system, and later on patch 10.15, they introduced a harsh punishment system for inters and AFK players.

On the latest dev post, Riot Games announced that “there has been a responsive 30% decrease to recurring disruptive behavior” after the implementation of the new detection and punishment system.

Besides the new detection system, Riot has also been working on the Early Surrender and LP Consolation system so that a team with an AFK doesn’t have to wait and play the game for 15 min. Earlier they said players will have the opportunity to surrender “as quickly as possible.” And now they have announced that Early Surrender and LP Consolation are making their way into League of Legends starting from patch 10.24.

Early Surrender and LP Consolation

Here’s how Riot is planning to implement Early Surrender:

  • After 10 minutes of play, when a player is identified as AFK for an extended period of time, there will be a prompt to the team to surrender if they choose.
  • As with remake logic, it will be required that the vote for surrender is unanimous.
  • AFK surrenders will still adhere to LP consolation rules, which are:

For LP consolation changes:

  • LP consolation will be provided to those that are subject to AFK behaviors in their Summoner’s Rift ranked games.
  • LP consolation will take into account multiple variables throughout the game to determine an LP value to provide to players affected by an AFK on their team in the game.
  • LP consolation will not be provided to the AFK or any premade in the AFK player’s team.
  • LP consolation will be capped week-over-week.
  • They will be watching LP very closely to avoid any negative LP trends, influenced by consolation LP alongside other LP changes to Ranked planned for Preseason.

Previously when they announced the Early Surrender system a lot of players were saying that it’s going to be abused by a lot of players. And in order to prevent that from happening “The AFK player and their premade will not get consolation LP.”

Both Early Surrender and LP Consolation will be making their way into the PBE on patch 10.23 and will hit the live servers on patch 10.24 which is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov 24, 2020.

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