Riot says Eternals are “Fairly successful” in League of Legends

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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A lot of players might not use it but Riot says Eternals are “Fairly successful” in League of Legends.

Earlier this year, Riot introduced a champion-specific stat-trackers called Eternals in League of Legends. And with the help of Eternals players are able to capture, celebrate, and flex their moments of glory in games.

Even though the Starter Series of Eternals is unlockable with blue essence, the rest of the Eternals requires RP to unlock them permanently. Moreover, League players need to spend 5850 RP in order to unlock Series 1 Eternals for all champions.

However, after its release in patch 10.5, it received mixed reactions from the League community. Some players found it interesting for their main champion but the majority of the players were saying that “Eternals are overpriced and not worth it at all”. Furthermore, a lot of players also believe some Eternals are just straight up underwhelming and were disabling the Eternals from the League’s interface.

Image Via Riot Games

And now, after months of its debut, League of Legends’ director Andrei “Meddler” van Roon has shared some of his thought on Eternals stating it is “Fairly successful” and have “hit the mark for a subset of players.”

“Most players aren’t interested in them, and that’s fine, there’s a group who are who feel good about them and have clear interest in more,” Meddler added. “I do think they suffer somewhat from players who aren’t interested in them wanting something somewhat similar (more progression avenues for example).”

Riot will be continuously working on it to make Eternals better for every player and will try to expand Champ Mastery a bit more as a system in the upcoming future.

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