League player shows how to increase Diana’s Q range

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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A League of Legends player shared a trick that would increase the range of Diana’s Q while flashing sideways.

Diana recently had a Gameplay Update on patch 9.24 that changed all her abilities besides her Q – Moonsilver Blade. In that gameplay update, her previous ultimate became her new E, and her new ultimate reworked with Moonfall that now has a massive AOE burst damage.

And soon after her VGU, Diana went from having an average 4% pick rate to 9.17% pick rate on patch 10.1, and on later patches, her win rate increased rapidly. Which resulted in her receiving nerfs on patch 10.3 and again on patch 10.10.

Currently, when everyone is starting to think that they have figured out everything about Diana, Reddit user u/Whitevader28 has shared a cool new trick that increases her initial 900 Q range.

From the clip, it can be seen that her base Q range increases by almost double after using Diana’s Q while flashing sideways. This trick might not be possible without flash but it will definitely come in handy in some scenarios.

On that Reddit thread, a lot of players have confirmed that this trick is in fact possible. And one player said, “This has been a thing for years. It’s just super impractical and there’s very rarely a situation where this is needed.” Some other players have also confirmed that it has been in the game even before her VGU.

Riot has previously patched out many tricks claiming them as bugs, recently they removed Yone’s empowered E recalling ability. But some bug/trick that allows Zoe to throw her E: Sleepy Trouble Bubble even further has been in the game for months. So, it is still uncertain whether Riot will patch this Diana bug/trick or it will remain in the game forever.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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