League player found a Zoe bug that increases her E: Sleepy Trouble Bubble range

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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A new bug/mechanism is letting Zoe to throw her Sleepy Trouble Bubble even further.

Ever since her release in November 2017, Zoe became the most annoying champion in League of Legends. She was so obnoxious that, she basically became a meme in League community because of her one-shot potential and her annoying Sleepy Trouble Bubble.

Which resulted in her getting a lot of nerfs in Season 8. Riot gutted most of her damage and Q damage was now not as annoying as it used to be. After all these nerfs, she only received two changes in Season 9 and no balance change in Season 10.

Currently, when everyone is starting to think that Zoe is kinda balanced, a Reddit user u/Yu_Ling_Jiang found out a bug or a mechanism that simply increased the Sleepy Trouble Bubble’s range without it going through the wall.

From the clip, it can be seen that u/Yu_Ling_Jiang is using a cleaver animation cancels that is helping Zoe to throw the Sleepy Trouble Bubble even further. The animation cancel or the bug occurs when Zoe uses her ultimate & Q and at the time of her returning to the place from her R, uses her E at that exact time.

In that Reddit post, a lot of people are claiming that is not any kind of animation cancel but a bug. Some Zoe players are also saying that this long-range E has been into the game for while now around 6 months and it doesn’t have any “practical usage” in-game.

Previously, Caitlyn also had some similar triple headshot mechanism. But Riot soon patched the mechanism claiming it to be a bug.

Riot hasn’t stated anything whether it is a bug or a mechanism, but many players think it will be patched out from the game very soon.

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