League of Legends Upcoming Champion Milio Kit Allegedly Leaked

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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The abilities of the upcoming support champion, Milio, might have been leaked.

Milio is the next champion to arrive in League of Legends and will be the first champion to be released this year. He was teased back in 2022, along with K’Sante and Preseason 2023 changes. At the time, Riot didn’t reveal much about Milio other than that he will be an Ixtali enchanter.

Since then, Riot has revealed some more information about the champion. In the Season 2023 | LoL Pls, Riot stated that he would be the next support champion to be released after Renata Glasc. Also, he is going be a young fire-wielding enchanter from the Ixtal region, where Qiyana is from. He would use the said fire to soothe and heal people rather than to cause destruction. Additionally, Riot put out an in-game teaser for Milio recently.

Other than that, Riot did not share much about Milio, especially in terms of gameplay. But recently, the well-known League of Legends leaker BigBadBear shared some information about Milio. In it, he also revealed some of his abilities and how he will function.

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Milio’s Leaked Abilities

According to the leaks, Milio’s will be quite similar to Lulu’s in terms of gameplay pattern. But his kit will be quite different.

He will also have two distinct forms for his abilities, and players will be able to change between them by interacting with his ultimate ability. One of his forms will focus on providing healing and speed boost to allies, and the other will focus more on providing damage and crowd control. He will have a few so-called Firefly friends, and they will be an indicator of his forms.

Release Date

The Released date for Milio has not been released yet. But judging from the fact that his teaser was released in the Patch 13.4 PBE cycle, he will likely be coming in Patch 13.5, which will be released on Wednesday, March 8, 2023.

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