Riot Confirms Ivern Rework In League of Legends

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot plans to rework Ivern in the near future.

Ivern is one of the more unusual champions that have been released in League of Legends. He was launched in 2016 and is one of the only enchanter champions designed exclusively for use in the Jungle. Ivern is also the only Jungler in the game who cannot harm Jungle monsters. He uses his unique passive Friend of the Forest to get EXP and Gold from Jungle monsters while causing no harm to the creatures.

Unique as he may be, he isn’t a very popular champion. Other than the hardcore Ivern enthusiasts and occasional Ivern/Rengar pairing, not many people play the champion, which is quite a shame. Because there aren’t many champions like Ivern.

Having said that, Riot attempted to solve his popularity problem several times. They buffed him numerous times and even extended his Attack Range. Yet none of them worked, and he is still one of the game’s least-played champions. So it appears that the only way to solve his problem is to rework Ivern, and Riot appears to agree.

So, recently, the Senior Game Designer at Riot Games, Blake Smith, on his Twitter page, stated that they would be changing Ivern. He said, “We’re actually doing a little work for him at the moment, can’t talk about it yet though.”

We’re not sure if there will be major changes or simply a few tweaks, but judging from how bad of a shape Ivern is in, it is likely to be a rework. Now, Ivern players can rejoice as he will finally get the love he deserves.

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When can we expect the Rework?

There isn’t much information about the Ivern Rework other than the fact Riot is working on it. But we can assume that Riot will release the Rework sometime after the Lee Sin & Teemo ASU hits the live servers.

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