League of Legends player gets 3999 kills in a single game to break the most kill world record

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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A Karthus player on the EUW server recently got 3999 kills in the Ranked Flex queue to break the most kill world record in League of Legends.

There are many stats such as most kills, most deaths, most assists, etc in a single game that can be counted as ‘record’ in League of Legends. Although League of Legends is one of the most popular and played games in the world, we usually don’t see new records every day rather there are new records happening every month or two.

However, recently on the EUW server, there was a Ranked Flex match where players broke not one but six different world records in a single game. But out of all the records, the most outstanding one was the Karthus player getting 3999 kills in a single game to break the most kill world record in League of Legends.

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Via League of Graphs

After taking a look into the League of Graphs, it seems like, the record was broken by a EUW master player named MAGE BOTLANE1. Although the game looks to be a set up, the records are still very impressive.

The game was 232 minutes long where MAGE BOTLANE1 had a whooping 17 kills per minute. Judging from the number it looks quite unrealistic and there’s a high chance that he was abusing some sort of exploit similar to the Poppy’s global Q and Kayne’s global W. However, four of the enemy members also had zero or one CS which could also mean they were intentionally feeding to make these world records.

Apart from getting the most kills: 3999 in a single game, he also had three other records on that game as well. He dealt an astonishing 3,965,332 damage, earned 445,436 golds, and had a killing spare of 3,999 kills; earning him the most damage, most gold earned and having the longest Killing spree in a single game record under his name.

Moreover, two players on that game also had two other world records. That Riven player named Hikariix died 1101 times breaking the previous record of a Nunu player who died 700 times to make it into the most death world record. Likewise, his teammate, the Twitch player now also has the record for most Barons killed in a single game.

Even though it seems like the game was set up to make world records in the Flex queue, we advise not to try breaking them as there’s a high chance that Riot might end up banning you from the game with their new punishment system.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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