A Nunu player died 700 times to make it into the most Death world record in League of Legends

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Editor Note: You are reading an article from 2020.

A Nunu player died a record-breaking 700 times in a Ranked Flex game and actually won the game.

If you play League of Legends on a daily basis, there is a high chance that you faced a Disco Nunu at least once who ran it down intentionally to ruin your games. But if you don’t know what Disco Nunu is, the simple explanation would be Disco Nunu is a trolling strategy where Nunu players take Ghost and any other spell and run it down intentionally.

The strategy was very popular among tollers even before the reworked Nunu. The League community was full-on complaints about how obnoxious the trolling strategy was, and even today, in season 10, it is very common to encounter this tactic.

But this player named 15ACCBUTSILVERXD has brought this strategy to a whole new level. He died 700 times in a silver Ranked Flex game to make it into the most Death world record.

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Via League of Graphs

15ACCBUTSILVERXD was following the Disco Nunu strategy with a troll build. The game lasted for 151 minutes, but he neither had any kills nor assists. There were a total number of 839 kills, and he was directly involved in 700 of them. The enemy team’s Ahri also had an astonishing 667 kills, which clearly shows he was running it down in the mid-lane.

Despite doing basically nothing but dying and only dealing around 7K damage in a 151-minute game, he still managed to win!

According to League of Graphs, the death record is 686, but as they only measure Plat+ elo, this is officially the most Death world record in League of Legends.

He is yet to be punished by Riot Games for his action, and he is still playing League of Legends under a new username Skippyyyyyyyyyyy.

For the last couple of years, players have been accusing Riot Games of not doing anything against trollers. The League community went ham when Voyboy called out Riot Games for their lack of actions. Soon after that, Riot Games shared their goals to combat trollers. And if they can implement their goals efficiently, there is a high chance that we may see way fewer trollers in the future.

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