League of Legends New Champion Akshan Splash Art

Riot Games has officially unveiled League of Legends’ upcoming new mid-lane champion Akshan.

Riot Games first introduced Ruination in League of Legends earlier this year with the announcement of Viego, the Ruined King. And later confirmed that more lore related to Veigo would come back with the Sentinels of Light story.

Riot has been teasing the upcoming Sentinels of Light champion for months now and there have also been many speculations that even leaked Akshan earlier this month.

However now, after all the speculations, Riot Games has officially revealed that Akshan, the Lost Sentinel is the upcoming 156th champion of League of Legends.

Akshan will make his debut with the second part of the Sentinels of Light event which is scheduled to release on LoL patch 11.15, July 22nd.

Here’s the full splash art of Akshan:


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