League of Legends hotfix patch 10.25b: Akali nerf, Anivia nerf, Kayn buff, and more

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Riot Games is pushing some notable nerfs to Sunfire Aegis yet again in patch 10.25b along with Akali, Malphite, and others while Kayn and Gangplank are set to receive buffs.

Ever since the introduction of Mythic items in the 2021 preseason, Tank champions and tank items have been dominating League of Legends. Even with those previous back-to-back nerfs apparently tanks are still strong while few champions like Olaf, Anivia, and others now have a massive win rate in preseason patch 10.25.

With holidays coming in there will be no more new patch this year but rather League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has outlined a “hotfix” or patch 10.25b. And according to Riot Scruffy, patch 10.25b is going to release tomorrow afternoon.

In the hotfix patch 10.25b, Riot is going to nerf Anivia who has a massive 53.67% win rate after her recent mini rework/buffs. Moreover, they are also nerfing Akali who currently has a 43.5% ban rate, Malphite who has a 53.04% win rate, Olaf who has the highest win rate in patch 10.25, and Galio who also has a 53.11% win rate. And apparently, Sunfire Aegis is set to receive nerfs yet again.

On the other hand, despite having a 47.9% ban rate, Riot is buffing Kayn in patch 10.25b. Besides, Gangplank who only has a 45.34% win rate is set to receive buff as well. Furthermore, League of Legends’ new champion Rell is also getting some adjustments.

Patch 10.25b Nerfs

Sunfire Aegis

  • Immolate Damage Ramping 12% per second up to 72%>>> 10% per second up to 60%


  • Passive movement speed 40-70%>>> 30-60%
  • Passive damage 39-180(+60% bAD) (+50% AP) >>> 29-170 (+60%bAD) (+40% AP)


  • Magic Resist 32.1 >>> 28


  • W Cooldown 16-12 >>> 18-16


  • E base damage 60-180 >>> 50-170; E mana cost 40>>>50


  • Q slow 29-45% >>> 25-45%; W attack speed 55-95% >>> 50-90%

Patch 10.25b Buffs


  • AD per level 3 >>> 4


  • Base armor 35 >>> 38
  • Q damage 65-145 >>> 75-155


Runaan’s hurricane (Reverted and Pushed to Patch 11.1)

  • Cost 3400 >>> 2500g
  • AD 25 >>> 0
  • Passive bolts 40-70% >>> 40% of attack damage
  • Pickaxe replaced with dagger in build path


  • Self Casting E while in combat no longer unbinds her target.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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