League of Legends finally gets the long-anticipated QoL Update

A much-needed QoL update was added to League of Legends in Patch 12.20

League of Legends is a game with a lot of champions. The total number of champions in League of Legends is 161, with K’sante coming soon as champion number 162. With so many champions and different roles, the game has kept things somewhat fresh for players.

However, the more updates the game got, the aspects of the game started getting somewhat outdated. Riot has slowly updated the game system and client-wise, as they probably do not want to break it entirely. Still, they have encountered a lot of issues doing so.

Patch 12.20 was the latest patch to land for League of Legends, bringing many changes to champions and other aspects of the game. There’s also a Behavioral system update with other bug fixes.

A few of these updates rolled in are also QoL updates. Some of the updates have been great additions. With the most recent patch, Riot has added another QoL update that will improve things for players in the selected champions. Here is what we know about it.

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What is the QoL Update Added?

The QoL update in question is as follows:

  • Searching for a champion by typing their name in champion select will automatically clear any currently selected role filters.

This has been a thorn in the player’s side in champion select. In Patch 12.19 and previous patches, it would not show up if you selected a role and typed a champion name. You would have had to deselect the role and then type the champion name, thus losing time.

With the QoL update in Patch 12.20, players can now search for the champion, and the role would be automatically deselected, saving you time during champion select. It’s a welcome change, and the Reddit thread about this has boomed.

Riot is moving in the right direction with some of the system and QoL updates, and they need to keep doing this for bugs and other aspects of the game. Here is to hoping that happens and Riot keeps making the game better.

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