League of Legends: all the champions’ weapons

Everything you need to know about all the weapons League of Legends champions use.

League of Legends, one of the most popular MOBA games in the World currently has 156 champions. Despite having such a big roster, every champion has a unique character design and is distinctive of each other.

In League of Legends, Riot wants to have champions across a “wide range of complexity profiles.” And in order to achieve that Riot gives each champion a different type of offensive and defensive appeal. Some champions use giant shields, some use large swords, some use magic books, some of the champions literally use their bare hands, and of course, Jax uses a lamppost instead of real weapons.

Now if you are wondering what your favorite champion’s weapon name is, here are all the champions’ weapons that are currently known. (Thanks to u/TricolorStar and League of Legends Wiki)

Aphelios – Moonstone Weapons: Calibrum, Severum, Crescendum, Gravitum, and Infernum

Ashe – she wields Avarosa’s Bow

Azir – his polearm-type weapon is called Staff of Office

Bard – his objects of power are called Chimes, his small spirit buddies are Meeps. The green ball inside his horn is called a Harmonic Key.

Caitlyn – her gun is called Peacemaker

Diana – her weapon is called Crescent Moonblade

Fiddlesticks – wields the Scarecrow Effigy

Garen – his weapon is a Sunsteel Broadsword

Graves – his first gun was Destiny, his current gun is New Destiny

Irelia – her blades are called the Xan Crest Blades

Jarvan IV – his weapon is called Drakebane

Jayce – his weapon is named the Mercury Hammer/Cannon

Katarina – she uses daggers

Lux – her weapon is called the Radiant Staff

Miss Fortune – her guns are named Shock and Awe

Mordekaiser – his mace is named Nightfall

Orianna – her ball is named Ball

Qiyana – her weapon is called an Omhlatl

Riven – her sword is named The Runic Blade

Sivir – her cross blade is named the Chalicar

Sona – her instrument is called the Etwahl

Ekko – his weapon is called The Z-Drive

Fiora – her weapon is En Garde

Fizz Seastone Trident 

Gangplank – The Leviathan (Current Ship) / Death’s Daughter (Previous Ship), Dead Man’s Plate (Armor)

Illaoi – She refers to her totem of Nagakabouros as The Eye of God

Jinx – her rocket launcher is called Fishbones, the minigun is called Pow-Pow, and the taser is called Zapper

Jhin – SniperWhisper

Kalista – The Black Spear

Kayle – her blade is called Starfire Spellblade

Leona – her shield name is Shield of Daybreak and sword name is Zenith Blade

Lillia – her censer is called The Dream-Laden Bough

Lucian – His pistols are called Light Pistols

Lulu – Lulu’s fairy companion is named Pix

Master Yi – His goggles are called the Seven Lenses on Insight

Nunu – His yeti friend is named Willump, and his magical flute is named Svellsongur

Poppy – her hammer is the Hammer of Orlon

Rumble – His mech is named Tristy

Samira – Her rifle and pistol are called Blaze and Thorn, and her sword is Vanquish

Senna – Her cannon is called the Relic Cannon

Shen – Spirit Blade

Thresh – The Soul Lantern

Tristana – Her rocket launcher is called Boomer

Trundle – His true ice club is named Boneshiver

Vi – The Atlas Gauntlets (Previously called The Golem Gauntlets)

Yuumi – Her book is named Book. Book’s full name is The Book of Thresholds

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