All Champion Weapons In League of Legends

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Everything you need to know about all the weapons League of Legends champions use.

League of Legends is filled with interesting champion designs. In 2023, the game has about 166 champions. Even for a MOBA, it is quite impressive. But what’s even more impressive is how unique the champions feel in terms of visual design, gameplay mechanics, and even the lore behind them.

Many of the champions use very unique weapons. Blades, staff, prosthetic arms, and legs – there’s a lot of variety. However, even among them, there are some special ‘named’ weapons.

Now, if you are wondering what your favorite champion’s weapon name is, here are all the champions’ weapons that are currently known. (Thanks to u/TricolorStar and League of Legends Wiki)

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All the Champions’ Weapon Names

Champion Weapon
Akshan The Absolver
Aphelios Moonstone Weapons: Calibrum, Severum, Crescendum, Gravitum, and Infernum
Ashe Avarosa’s Bow
Azir Staff of Office
Bard Her shield name is Shield of Daybreak, and her sword name is Zenith Blade
Caitlyn Her gun is called Peacemaker
Diana Her weapon is called Crescent Moonblade
Ekko The Z-Drive
Fiddlesticks Wields the Scarecrow Effigy
Fizz Seastone Trident
Fiora En Garde
Garen His weapon is a Sunsteel Broadsword
GangplankThe Leviathan (Current Ship) / Death’s Daughter (Previous Ship), Dead Man’s Plate (Armor)
Graves Her cutlery Garde
IllaoiShe refers to her totem of Nagakabouros as The Eye of God
Irelia Her blades are called the Xan Crest Blades
Jhin Sniper, Whisper
Jinx Her rocket launcher is called Fishbones, the minigun is called Pow-Pow, and the taser is called Zapper
Jarvan IVHis weapon is called Drakebane
JayceHis weapon is named the Mercury Hammer/Cannon
Katarina Daggers of Du Couteau
Kalista The Black Spear
Kayle Starfire Spellblade
K’SanteHis weapons are called ntofos
Leona Her shield name is Shield of Daybreak and her sword name is Zenith Blade
Lillia Her censer is called The Dream-Laden Bough
Lucian His pistols are called Light Pistols
Lulu Lulu’s fairy companion is named Pix
Lux Her weapon is called the Radiant Staff
Master YiHis goggles are called the Seven Lenses on Insight
Miss FortuneHer guns are named Shock and Awe
MordekaiserHis mace is named Nightfall
NilahUrumi, an Indian sword with a flexible, whip-like blade
NunuHis yeti friend is named Willump, and his magical flute is named Svellsongur
OriannaHer ball is named Ball
PoppyHer hammer is the Hammer of Orlon
QiyanaHer weapon is called an Omhlatl
Riven The Runic Blade
RumbleHis mech is named Tristy
SamiraHer rifle and pistol are called Blaze and Thorn, and her sword is Vanquish
SennaHer cannon is called the Relic Cannon
Shen Spirit Blade
Sivir Her cross blade is named the Chalicar
Sona Her instrument is called the Etwahl
Thresh The Soul Lantern
Tristana Her rocket launcher is called Boomer
Trundle His true ice club is named Boneshiver
Vi The Atlas Gauntlets (Previously called The Golem Gauntlets)
Viego Sanctity, the Blade of the King
Yuumi The book’s full name is The Book of Thresholds

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