League of Legends 2021 Skin Leaks: Project, Star Guardian, Debonair, Crime City, and More

New leaks have emerged that reveal the possible champions who are getting Project, Star Guardian, Debonair, Crime City, and some other skin lines in 2021.

Similar to last year, 2021 has already started to become a great year for Riot Games in terms of skin/content release. Lunar Beast, Battle Academia, and Space Groove skins received a massive response from the League of Legends community while the Bee skins were adored by most.

We are not even halfway through season 11 but there are already some leaks that reveal major skin lines for the rest of 2021 along with the champions who will get them. Moreover, Prestige skins for Jax, Sylas, Pantheon, and Zed are also confirmed by Riot Games releasing in 2021.

Based on leaks, here are the skin line releasing in 2021 along with the champions. Even though all of the previous early 2021 skin leaks did come true, you will have to take the following with a grain of salt as Riot is yet to make an official announcement. Moreover, also note that they are not in release order or anything.

Pool Party

  • Evelynn (Epic)
  • Anivia (Epic)
  • Viktor (Epic)
  • Qiyana (Epic)

The 2021 edition of Pool Party is going to feature Evelynn, Anivia, Viktor, and Qiyana. We have seen many champions in their human forms for the first time, and with this Pool Party skin, we might also see Viktor’s non-robotic face for the first time as well.

Oz: Arcanist

  • Orianna (Epic)
  • Bard (Epic)
  • Rengar (Epic)
  • Morgana (Epic)
  • Ezreal (Epic)

Project 2021

  • Miss Fortune (Legendary)
  • Sejuani (Epic)
  • Thresh (Epic)
  • Riven (Epic)
  • Ryze (Epic)
  • Zed (Prestige for his previous skin)

Based on rumors, Miss Fortune is set to receive a Legendary skin. And Zed will get his Prestige skin for his 2015’s PROJECT: Zed.

Immortal Journey

  • Pantheon¬†(Prestige)
  • Varus (Legendary)
  • Sona (Epic)
  • Shen (Epic)
  • Pyke (Epic)

Star Guardians Endgame

  • Kalista (Epic)
  • Viego (Legendary)
  • Diana (Epic)
  • Lucian (Epic)
  • Senna (Epic)
  • Vayne (Epic)
  • Gwen (Epic)
  • Seraphine (Epic)
  • Yasuo (Epic)
  • Unknown (Prestige)

According to leaks, the Star Guardians Endgame is going to be the biggest event of 2021. Ten champions might get new skins including Yasuo. Viego might get the Legendary skin while an unknown, possibly a new champion will get the Prestige edition.


  • Veigar (Epic)
  • Hecarim (Epic)
  • Aurelion Sol (Epic)

Debonair 2.0

Debonair 2.0
Image: Riot Games
  • Camille (Epic)
  • Ekko (Epic)
  • Leona (Epic)
  • Dr. Mundo (Epic)
  • Malzahar (Epic)

Debonair 2.0 and Crime City Nightmare both came out top in voting results to be on the skin thematic. And Riot confirmed that City Nightmare and Debonair 2.0 will hit the Rift in 2021.

During the voting phase, Riot already revealed Leona and Malzahar’s Debonair 2.0 skin. And now according to leaks, it seems Camille, Ekko, and reworked Dr. Mundo might join them.

Crime City Nightmare

Crime City Nightmare
Image: Riot Games
  • Kayn (Epic)
  • Akali (Epic)
  • Twisted Fate (Epic)
  • Sylas (Prestige)
  • Unknown (Epic)

Twisted Fate and Akali’s skin was previously confirmed and now Kayn, Sylas, and an unknown champion will join them to be on the Crime City Nightmare skin line. And Sylas could get his Prestige skin as well.

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