LCK Power Rankings after Week 2 and Key Upcoming Matches

LCK has ended their 2nd week of games and we bring you our LCK Power Rankings after Week 2 and some key matches in Week 3.

LCK Spring Split 2021 has had many great series so far and there are some teams that are standing out so far. With that said, we bring in our Power Rankings after two weeks of games. Also, we will lay out some important matches that are coming up in Week 3. Without further ado, lets jump right into it.

Power Rankings

Before we get to the rankings, one thing is clarify is that this is a power rankings and does not completely reflect the standings. We rank teams based on how they did the past week and explain our choice. For this week, there is a surprise #1 team in the Power Rankings this week and it should not be a shock given they are the only team to play good opponents and go 2-0 in series win. Let’s jump right into it.

3 1. Hanwha Life Esports

This is certainly a surprise that they top the rankings but it is not a surprise given the caliber of players they have. They beat Gen.G and KT this week and Chovy and Deft were phenomenal. Chovy on Yone was a spectacle to watch and this HLE team is starting to get into their stride. Despite than one week 1 loss to T1, they have improved series by series and are playing outstanding.

They are extremely bloody in their games looking for skirmishes and fights around objectives on every turn. They are going into a week where they play DWG KIA (DK) and winning that match up will separate them from the pack.

2. Gen.G

Despite going 1-1 in series wins, they still beat T1 but lost to HLE. This team still look very solid but a team like HLE or DK will pose real problems for them. In the match against HLE, it felt like Chovy got the better of BDD and ShowMaker could do the same. On a brighter note, they still play really well in the early game, particularly through the top lane for Rascal and their mid to late game translates well from a good early game. Also, they win their games when it is more a controlled game. They are still a very strong team and will be in play for winning the Spring Split.

2 3. DWG KIA

The only reason DK drops is because they dropped a series to Fredit Brion, one of the weaker teams in the LCK so far. They are still trying to find their stride, especially with the addition of Khan. It seems that Nuguri leaving did not leave the team as strong as they were last year.

However, they are a really talented team and are getting adjusted to a new coaching staff and top laner. They did win against AF and Showmaker has stepped up to take that carry role for the team. Week 3 will be a pivotal week for them as they play HLE and Gen.G. If they win both series, they will put themselves back to the top alone as the best in the LCK.

1 4. DRX

DRX rounds up the last of the 3-1 record teams in the LCK. DRX has been a lovely surprise so far especially with so many new players in their team this year. Their mid to late game execution has been excellent but their early game has been lackluster. They have been improving more as they play more games and winning games as well. However, they are yet to face teams like DK or Gen.G. Those games will give us more of an understanding of where DRX stands in the list of teams.

1 5. KT Rolster

KT has started off well beating T1 but sadly losing to HLE. The combination of Blank and Doran have worked really well and it has won them games. They win out games by picking up advantages early game and just snowball it. They have played well together and has gotten them wins. However, like DRX, they are yet to play DK or Gen.G as well so it will be a big test for them in the future.

46. T1

This week was terrible for T1. They go 0-2 this week and things have not looked good for them. Not only do they lose to HLE, but they lose to KT as well. They have crumbled in Game 3s and lost all of them. Not only that, they have been reverse swept in every single series they lost. Canna has been struggling badly and T1 will want Zeus to be eligible soon to swap it around. Maybe it is just taking time to adjust to the new coaching staff. On a positive note, they have played out most of their stronger opponents in the first round-robin, so they have some time to play some weaker teams and get some momentum going for when they get to the 2nd round-robin.

7. NongShim RedForce

NS has been a mixed bag in the LCK. On one hand, they look good and Peanut and Rich pops off but on the other hand, they just falter. They seems to be struggling against stronger teams but they do away with teams weaker than them. It will be interesting to see how they improve going forward.

1 8. Fredit Brion

If your Fredit Brion, you are happy that you won against DK. That was a really storm they shaked up against them and it shows that this team is possibly more talented than what we anticipated. However pulling off an upset is one thing, but they will need to show that they are capable of these types of games and wins going forward. They deserve to be in this spot just purely on beating DK.


LSB is a mixed bag as well. They have very good bright spots with the team but they are just not able to translate them into winning games off of them. They rank as one of the top teams in First Herald %, First Dragon %, % of Dragons taken, early game rating, and taking the first three towers quickly. These are all great early game statistics but they just fail in the late game. FATE has been great so far and this team has really good things going forward. They have been competitive in most series they have played. However, they have to learn how to use these advantages they get from the early game and translate it to wins.

2 10. Afreeca Freecs

AF has looked terrible so far. This was expected out of a team that got a great bot lane in Bang and Lehends. Their mid to late game rating is dead last in the LCK and that will not get it done in order to win games. They need to pick back up fast if they want to make playoffs this split.

Key Upcoming Matches

There are some interesting matches in Week 3 that people should keep an eye on.

  • DK vs Gen.G (Wednesday): Two of the top teams in the LCK so far face-off. That will be a spectacle to watch.
  • DRX vs KT (Thursday): This will be a fun match to watch between two teams that have something to prove and separate themselves from the middle of the pack.
  • DK vs HLE (Friday): A surging HLE faces the World Champions which will be a great game to watch.

Some fun matches to watch in Week 3 and some storylines are already starting to develop. Week 3 will be very eventful for the LCK to say the least. Week 3 starts from tomorrow (Wednesday) and will be fun to watch.

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