Katarina, Kassadin, Kled, and Maokai are on the patch 10.20 nerf list

Katarina, Kassadin, Kled, and Maokai are getting some major nerfs along with Nunu, Karthus, and Lulu in the upcoming patch 10.20.

League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has previewed the patch 10.20 today. And it seems like two of the most dominant mid-laner Katarina and Kassadin along with two dominant top laner Kled and Maokai are getting some nerfs in the upcoming patch 10.20.

Patch 10.20 Nerfs


  • Passive: Damage AD ratio: 100 >>> 75% bonus AD

Mid lane is currently dominated by roaming and assassin champions like Katarina, Pyke, Talon, and others. However, for the upcoming patch 10.20, Katarina is the only assassin to receive nerfs.

Currently, on patch 10.19, Katarina has a massive 52.32% win rate worldwide in the Plat+ Elo. Moreover, compared to western regions, her win rate in eastern regions is even higher. Therefore, she will be getting some nerfs on patch 10.20.


  • Q: Shield: 60-160 >>> 40-160

Although the last time Kassadin received a proper change was on patch 10.1 which eventually was a nerf, he is still dominant in the current meta.

With the help of Fleet Footwork, he managed to hold a 52.1% win rate in patch 10.19 while having a 6.6% pick rate and a 23.8% ban rate. Furthermore, in the EUW server, he also has an astonishing 44.8% ban rate as well. As a result, he will taste some nerfs in patch 10.20.


  • Magic resist: 32.1 >>> 29

Kled nerfs can be a bit questionable as currently on patch 10.19, he only has a 2.1% pick rate in the Plat+ Elo. However, despite having such a low pick rate the only reasonable logic behind this nerf would be his win rate which is around 52.5%.


  • Q: Damage: 70-250 >>> 70-230

Despite getting no buffs on season 10, Maokai has been one of the meta Top laner for most of the season. He had around a 53% win rate for most patches until Riot nerfed him in patch 10.10. However, that mana nerfs didn’t stop him there as currently on patch 10.19 he still has a 52.69% win rate in the Top lane. Therefore, Riot is planning to nerf him once again on patch 10.20.

All the new changes are going live on patch 10.20 which scheduled is for Wednesday, Sep 30, 2020.

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