Infamous Apex Legends Hacker Challenges Hideouts, Says “try banning me next time I stream”

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: EA/ Hideouts/ AG420

An infamous data miner and hacker who goes by AG420 openly challenged Hideouts on Twitter and said, “try banning me next time I stream.”

Despite the popularity of Apex Legends, the game is also notorious for its hacking issues. Since the game’s launch, there have been countless numbers of cheaters who have made the game unenjoyable for many players.

While most cheaters get banned from the game sooner or later, some stubborn cheaters keep returning to ruin other players’ experiences. Even after getting banned from the game, somehow, they find their way in every time.

One such hacker goes by the name AG420. He is also a data miner who leaked all the Awakening Collection Event content before its release and even streamed it live on Twitch. However, he also has his arch-nemesis, which is known by his online moniker, Hideouts.

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Hacker Challenges Hideouts To Ban Him Next Time He Streams

Hideouts, a Respawn dev, is a popular name among the community for raining down his “Ban Hammer” upon the cheaters and exploiters in Apex Legends. Since the game’s release, he has banned countless cheaters, exploiters, and hackers from the game.

Recently, AG420 reached out to Hideouts via Discord and Twitter inbox and asked him to stop banning him from Apex Legends. After receiving AG420’s messages, Hideouts shared AG420’s discord messages on his Twitter account with the caption, “Dude cheating on TikTok live streams really messaged me this just now after I banned him multiple times.”

It seems like AG420 did not like that Hideouts shared his messages on Twitter without a reply. So, on the same post, AG420 responded with, “try banning me next time I stream.” After that, he was blocked immediately by Hideouts from his Twitter account.

After a few hours, Hideouts again posted another screenshot of his Twitter DM from AG420 with the caption, “Same person from my Discord DM from earlier lmaooooo.”

It is unclear whether these messages are from earlier or another account. However, Hideouts did not respond to AG420’s challenge to ban him the next time he cheats and live streams. So, it will be interesting to see what happens next and what Hideouts will do when the time comes.

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