ImperialHal Encounters Controller Steam-Config User in Ranked, Says “It is Literally Cheating”

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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Credit: EA

The Apex Legends GOAT shares his frustration with Steam controller config users.

A defining feature of Apex Legends is how players can harness their movement to gain a competitive advantage. Players back in Season 6 discovered ‘tap-strafing.’ PC players could learn it, but it was impossible to do on a controller without external help.

Respawn opted to keep it in the game but nerfed it back in Season 12. Still, MnK players mastered the technique alongside other movement techniques to compete against the excellent controller players. So, the movement was literally the only thing that was exclusive to MnK players.

However, this is not the case anymore. Using a Steam config, controller players can bind multiple commands and simulate any movement technique in Apex. Combining movement techniques with aim-assist, these players seem unstoppable in ranked and casual matches. ImperialHal has made his views clear on this as well.

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ImperialHal is Frustrated with Controller Config Users

In a recent stream, ImperialHal was seen showing his frustration once again. The clip shows him being bested by an opponent who he claims to be using the controller config.

He claims that these types of macros should be banned as they are not allowed to be used for competitions. Therefore, it makes little sense that they should be allowed to be ranked as well. The combination of a macro to simulate a skill move paired alongside the controllers’ aim assist makes it an unfair advantage for those players.

Hal has gone on record calling out controller config users before. He also mentions that some of his friends and people he plays with also use the Steam config. Imperialhal also finds it hard to understand why the Steam config is even allowed in the game.

Respawn has yet to act on or acknowledge it as an issue. Until then, even if opinions differ, controller config users are set to stay in the game.

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