ImperialHal Claims to Have Playtested Apex Legends Season 16 and is Thrilled with What Lies Ahead

In ImperialHal’s latest stream, he claims that he playtested Season 16 and his facial expression says everything about it.

ImperialHal is one of the most influential pro players and content creators in the Apex Legends community. However, he is also a player who doesn’t leave any opportunity to bash the game whenever he can because he wants Apex Legends to improve.

Although he is infamous for criticizing Apex Legends every now and then, there are very few players who are as dedicated to Apex as him and are still competing at the top of the Apex Legends pro scene under TSM’s banner. Apart from that, he is also currently the most-viewed streamer on Twitch.

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ImperialHal is Thrilled About Season 16

In ImperialHal’s latest stream, one of his viewers asked if he missed playing Wraith. His obvious reply was, “Oh yes!” as he was originally a Wraith main. However, just after this, he brings up the topic of playtesting Season 16, and unlike always, ImperialHal seems to be excited about what lies ahead.

“Listen, I playtested [Season 16], and I cannot wait for next season. Oh my god! I can’t wait,” Hal shared his excitement with his viewers. Although he didn’t specifically talk about what made him so excited, he left a “positive good note” regarding the upcoming season to his viewers.

Recently, there have been rumors about Assault class legends getting a unique perk, allowing them to open special loot binds with extra ammo and weapon attachments. Was ImperialHal referring to that, or are there even more surprises waiting for players in Season 16? Whatever the case is, if ImperialHal is excited about Season 16, there must be something extraordinary waiting in the next season.

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