Huge Death Timer Changes Coming To Patch 13.20

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Death Timers are getting some massive changes in Patch 13.20.

The last couple of patches in League of Legends have been comparatively smaller. They comprised of tiny to insignificant adjustments with little to no impact on the meta. The reasoning behind these smaller patches was Worlds 2023. Because Riot didn’t want to drastically shift the meta before Worlds 2023, they opted to make small changes.

But now that the Worlds 2023 patch, Patch 13.19, has been released, Riot has started pulling out all the stops. Besides the balance changes, Jungle is getting some massive changes again. Starting & Support items are getting buffs all across the board. And finally, Death Timer is getting reduced in the early game.

In this article, we will go through the Death Timer changes and speculate how they would affect the game moving forward.

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Death Timer Changes

Here are the death timer changes coming to Patch 13.20,

LevelPre ChangesPost ChangesDifference
16 Seconds 6 Seconds0 Seconds
28 Seconds6 Seconds-2 Seconds
310 Seconds8 Seconds-2 Seconds
412 Seconds8 Seconds-4 Seconds
514 Seconds10 Seconds-4 Seconds
616 Seconds12 Seconds-4 Seconds
721 Seconds16 Seconds-5 Seconds
827 Seconds21 Seconds-6.5 Seconds
930 Seconds26 Seconds 4 Seconds
1032.5 Seconds32.5 Seconds0 Seconds
1135 Seconds35 Seconds0 Seconds
1237.5 Seconds37.5 Seconds0 Seconds
1340 Seconds40 Seconds0 Seconds
1442.5 Seconds40.2 Seconds0 Seconds
1545 Seconds45Seconds0 Seconds
1647.5 Seconds47.5 Seconds0 Seconds
1750 Seconds50 Seconds0 Seconds
1852.5 Seconds52.5 Seconds0 Seconds

The level 1 Death Timer will remain as it is, but from level 2 to 9, Death Timer is going down significantly. From level 10 onwards, the Death Timer will remain as it was before the changes.

Early game Death Timer is going down significantly, meaning mistakes in the early game deaths will not be severely punished. This will result in less snowballing in the game. Although the change might indirectly nerf early-game champions, who rely on early kills to snowball.

Overall, these are some welcome changes, especially for early-game champions.

Release Date

The Death Timer Changes will hit live servers on Patch 13.20, which will be released on Wednesday, October 11, 2023.

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