How To Unlock “A New Home” Teaser Mode in Apex Legends

Less than a month remaining before Season 15 takes place. Respawn will have a new home on Divided Moon, and you can take a quick peek before it is released.

Apex Legends will have its 5th official map in Season 15 Eclipse. The leaks regarding a new map surfaced on the internet many seasons prior with no confirmation on its release date. However, recent leaks and teasers suggest that it will come to Apex Legends very soon.

According to the leaks, the new map will be called Divided Moon. The last two maps, Olympus and Storm Point were great. However, those maps had drawbacks, and players were slightly disappointed.

However, the Divided Moon map looks promising, and it may finally compete with the ever-popular World’s Edge in terms of ranked and casual play, loot distribution, balanced POIs, and more. A month is left before Divided Moon is released. However, players can take a quick tour beforehand through the upcoming teaser.

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How To Unlock “A New Home” Teaser

Apex Legends launches a series of teasers before every new season to let players know what to expect ahead. Similarly, Respawn has already started releasing the teasers for the upcoming season.

The teasers mainly contain information regarding the Divided Moon map that will feature in Season 15. If you enter the game and click on playlists, you can see a new tab called “A New Home” in the top right corner.

A New Home
Credit: EA

The mode is still locked and won’t unlock until October 18, at exactly 10 am PT. However, you can’t still get into “A New Home” after it unlocks. To get access, you must collect the Golden Ticket from the replicator from a BR match. To learn more on how to collect the Golden Ticket, click this link.

After you collect the Golden Ticket, all you need to do is wait until the “A New Home” teaser unlocks on October 18. As soon as it unlocks, you will have access to this tab. Upon accessing it, you will be given a limited tour of the Divided Moon map.

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