How To Self-Mute In League of Legends

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has added a method to self-mute in League of Legends in patch 13.4.

Toxicity is very common in online games. And League of Legends is no exception.

League of Legends is known as one of the most toxic games in the world. There are various types of toxic players, ranging from griefers and trolls to intentional feeders. Moreover, dealing with these players is very frustrating, especially during a ranked match. Therefore, Riot Games have been working hard to combat this toxicity.

Since the game’s release, Riot has added various features to fight against toxic players. Initially, Riot only released the honor system, which incentivized players to be positive in their matches. Now, Riot has added honor skins such as Honor 5 Malzahar. Last season, Riot also added features like chat restriction being visible to everyone and adding auto mute.

In patch 12.20, Riot added the auto-mute system. With this system, when a player types certain words, they instantly get muted. While initially frustrating for some players, they quickly got used to it.

While the intention of this feature was understandable, many players started misusing the feature. Many players were muting themselves by typing profanities or vulgar language using this auto-mute feature.

Since it is a misuse of the system, Riot wanted to add a way to self-mute without needing to use any profanities. Because of this, in patch 13.4, players can self-mute and deafen themselves using chat commands.

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League of Legends: Self-mute System

muteself deafen
Image Credits: Riot Games

With this new update, players can use two new chat commands, /muteself and /deafen.

The /muteself command will prevent the player from using the text chat. Moreover, their teammates will be notified in their text chat. To enable the feature, the player must open their chat in-game and type: /muteself. With that, that player is muted till they undo it. They can undo it by typing /muteself in the chat again.

Then, the /deafen command will not only prevent the player from using the chat, but they will also not be able to see it. It is a stronger /muteall command. Similar to the /muteself command, players can enable it by typing it in the in-game chat. Additionally, their teammates will be notified likewise to /muteself command. Players can also disable this command by typing /deafen again in the chat.

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