How To Hide Your Account Level in VALORANT

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: Riot Games

VALORANT displays your Account Level on the Player card. However, with a few simple steps, you can turn it off.

VALORANT is a tactical shooter heavily inspired by CS: GO and Overwatch. The game gained constant popularity for its gameplay, Agent-based abilities, exciting lores, and beautiful visuals of the characters and maps.

Players also get several options to customize their gameplay sessions through different weapon skins, Player Cards, Titles, Buddies, and more. Additionally, they can show off their Account Level on the Player Card.

While this is a cool feature to have, many players don’t want to display their Account Levels due to several reasons, including unwanted toxic behaviors from teammates and enemies. This sometimes creates chaos during a match and makes players lose focus in the game.

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How To Hide Your Account Level

To prevent unwanted toxic behaviors or bullying from happening, VALORANT added a Level Border option in VALORANT. Earlier, there was no such option to remove or customize a player’s Account Level from the Player Card. However, after listening to players’ concerns, Riot Games added the Level Borders option in a later patch.

How To Hide Your Account Level
Credit: Riot Games

Through this Level Border option, you can completely hide your Account Level from teammates and enemies. Although you will see it on their screens, other players won’t be able to see it. To hide your Account Level:

  • Go to the Collection tab and click on the Player Cards from the top left side of your screen
  • You’ll find two options, Banners and Level Borders. Click on Level Borders
  • From the bottom left side of your screen, uncheck the “Show my account level on my player card”
  • Your Account Level now will be invisible to other players

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There you go! Following these simple steps, you can easily hide your Account Level from other players and avoid unwanted behavior. If you want to show your Account Level again, you can follow the same process, and your Account Level will be visible to others again.

By Nazmul Hassan FPS Editor
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