Best Gun Buddies to Use in VALORANT 2024

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Valorant Best Gun Buddies

These are our top 10 favorite Gun buddies that you can also use to make your skin pop up even more.

VALORANT gun buddies are cosmetic items, and their only purpose is to change the look of your weapon. Unlike expensive skins, gun buddies do not have any crazy sound effects or graphical effects, but some have unique animations.

With each update, the game adds loads of cosmetics via the Battle Passes, exclusive bundles, and some limited-time events. So, you might want to look into which Gun Buddies are best. This article will list some of our choices as to which ones are better than others, and there are a lot of others to choose from!

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What are Gun Buddies?

Riot Gun Buddy
credit: riot games

Gun Buddies are like weapon charms in other games, like Apex Legends. These are small decorative items or objects that hang on your gun. These may be thematic, showing off your ranks, or just some customized items you might relate to. Only the player who is using the weapon can see them. So, your opponents cannot view your gun buddy without picking up your specific gun.

How Many Gun Buddies Are There in VALORANT?

As of writing, a total of 399 Gun Buddies have been released in VALORANT. These incorporate everything from Agent charms, memes, themes, Riot events, and much more. So, let’s take a glance at all of them and then proceed to our top 10 at the end.

How to Obtain Gun Buddies

How to Obtain Gun Buddies
credit: riot games

The primary source of obtaining gun buddies is through the battle pass system, where the developers add an assortment of unique gun buddies with every act. You can get a few of these as part of end-of-tier bonuses for free or several when you purchase the premium battle pass. The next way is by purchasing weapon bundles. When you buy the full collection, you get extra goodies such as a player card, banner, and gun buddy.

The third way is also fully free, which is obtaining gun buddies from Agent Gear. You can unlock the ones related to their respective Agents. This does require a bit of grinding, but on the bright side, you can obtain them entirely for free. Lastly, you can get gun buddies from promotional or limited-time events. These can range from Amazon Prime gaming bonuses to rewards for watching streams, etc.

So to summarize, here is how you can obtain gun buddies in VALORANT:

  • Battle pass rewards (Both free and premium)
  • Weapon Bundle bonus rewards
  • Agent Gear (previously known as Agent contracts)
  • Limited time/Promotional offers

Best Gun Buddies to use in VALORANT

Now that you know how to earn these decorative items, the obvious next thing you might want to know is which ones are the best ones to use! Here, we are going to list what we believe are the best buddies to use with your guns. These are all subjective and will differ from player to player as well as matching from gun to gun. So, while this may be our top 10, you might not like the choices.

With that said, here are our picks for the best buddies that you can use!

10. Pocket Sized Sheriff – Episode 5 // Act 1

Pocket Sized Sheriff

The first one on our list is a bit of a paradoxical choice. We like our weapons with some more weapons. So, we packed our weapon with another weapon! Add it to your Sheriff for maximum confusion!

9. Scuttle Trash – Episode 1 // Act 3

Scuttle Trash

This cute Scuttle buddy has taken a left turn from Summoner’s Rift and ended up in a bucket on your gun! Carry this cute crab around in your games. Goes with a lot more skins than you would think.

8. Prime Buddy – Prime Bundle

Prime Buddy

The Prime Buddy is a premium look for your weapons. While this one goes best with the Prime Skin line, this can still look good with a lot of futuristic weapon lines.

7. Sandswept – Episode 7 // Act 3


Hang the Sandswept and make a wish for crispy shots and quick evades. The color scheme is also very generous and would look good, especially in maps like Bind.

6. Toaster Buddy – Episode 1 // Act 1

Toaster Buddy

It’s a toaster. On your gun. Do we need to say more? The Toaster Buddy was one of the first few added and the philosophy back then was simpler and more to appeal to the playful nature of the game.

5. Salt Shaker – Episode 2 // Act 1

Salt Shaker

If you’re hitting your shots you might wanna add some salt to the wounds. Works better with raging teammates so you can drop your weapon and ask them why they are so salty! This buddy is very topical when you are grinding. A light-hearted buddy in a serious scene.

4. Slurp – Episode 7 // Act 1


Reward yourself with a tasty treat after a good round with the Slurp buddy. This nutritious boost will help you stay motivated to get those frags for a yummy treat after! The neutral color palette and the casual nature of the buddy make it very open to a lot of designs.

3. Corbin’s Light – Starlit Odyssey

Corbin's Light

The gun buddy was created to celebrate Corbin, a member of the VALORANT community who gave input for its design along with his older brother. The coordinates on the buddy lead to a star that was named after Corbin by the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

2. Sentinels of Light – Sentinels of Light Collection

Sentinels of Light

This symbol is unlike the Prime buddy, meaning it goes with a lot more skin lines. The abstract nature of the design is a great look for us, and it bags a really high spot on the list.

1. Champions Cube – Champions 2023 Collection

Champions Cube

Celebrating the 2023 VCT Champions event, this gun buddy is a celebration of VALORANT Esports. Available to purchase for 475 VALORANT points, this buddy is exclusive and features Radianite trapped inside a cube with the now iconic logo as the handle.

Closing Thoughts

Buddies are, at the end of the day, a cosmetic addition. The buddies will not impact your game outside of looking good while fragging. Use any combination of buddies you have unlocked and while more and more options are being added every Act.

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