How to Get Spirit Blossom Mask & Worlds 2022 Event Icons From Free

Riot is giving away a bunch of free rewards with the new Worlds 2022 Event.

Like most other free-to-play games, League of Legends also has a battle pass system called the Event Pass. It was added to League on patch 7.12, along with the missions tab. But, since the Event Pass’s release, it has seen minimal changes. So, players had been calling out Riot to improve the event pass system and other content like prestige skins for years.

However, Riot Games announced earlier this year that they would overhaul the Mythic content, and the changes will be released in three different phases. The first two phases are already live and are well received by the community.

The last step of the Mythic Content Overhaul is the rework of the event pass, released with the Worlds 2022 event.

With the introduction of the new Event, Pass Riot is also giving out free rewards. The rewards are quite substantial as well. So here we will take a look at the rewards Riot is giving out.

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Spirit Blossom Mask Icon, Worlds 2022 Event Icon, and More

Spirit Blossom Mask Icon

Spirit Blossom Mask Icon
Image Credit: Riot Games

Spirit Blossom Mask will be a free milestone exclusive Worlds 2022 icon. So players can get this Icon just by playing a couple of games.

Worlds 2022 Event Icon

Worlds 2022 Event Icon
Image Credit: Riot Games

Just like the Spirit Blossom Mask Icon, this will also be a free milestone exclusive Icon.

Spirit Blossom Event Icon

Image Credit: Riot Games

Unlike the previous rewards, the Spirit Blossom Event Icon will be a mission-exclusive Icon.

Besides these three Icons, we will also be getting Worlds 2022 Orbs, Orange essence, Event Tokens, and much more.

Check out this article for more information about the Event Pass system and Rewards.

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