How to get Poro Gunbuddy for free in VALORANT

Nafiu Aziz
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Here are all the steps that you need to complete to unlock the Poro Gunbuddy for free in VALORANT.

Riot Games finally unlocked the basement area of the firing range. And turns out, if you complete certain tasks you will receive free cosmetic rewards in VALORANT. Recently, Riot Games unveiled their roadmap for the Arcane event across all of their titles.

Since VALORANT is also a part of the Riot’s extended gaming universe, VALORANT players will receive exclusive free rewards for just participating in the event. The first reward for this event is already here.

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According to Riot, the Arcane event as well as all of its free tier rewards are a love letter for the players who have supported games made by them. In order to celebrate this long journey with its player base, Riot decided to start the free reward journey with a really cute-looking Poro gun buddy.

All the steps to unlock the Poro Gun buddy

  • To unlock the Poro gun buddy, players need to play missions until they get to Killjoy’s lab on the map.
  • Then they needs to complete all the Killjoy and Jett specific missions.
  • After that, players needs to talk to Yoru for the very last mission.
  • And completing all these easy steps will unlock the poro gun buddy in the game.
VALORANT Poro Gun buddy
Image via Riot Games

There are more free rewards that will be available on 14th November 2021. Stay tuned for that one as we’ll also make an easy guide for players to unlock all the free tier rewards.

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