How to Climb From Bronze To Silver in VALORANT

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Since Riot has made sure that VALORANT will truly test your skills & sweat, ranking up from Bronze to Silver is more challenging than it seems. 

Bronze is by far one of the most occupied ranks according to Riot’s statistics. So, making your way to Silver will require patience and determination more than anything. While Bronze might be considered a better rank than Iron and slightly worse than Silver, in reality, the skill gap between Iron & Bronze is not too high. On the other hand, a good Bronze 3 player can easily outclass a Silver player in many aspects, although it depends on the player. 

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VALORANT Bronze Rank

Bronze rank could mean a player generally has better in-game skills than average Iron players, but Silver and Bronze players often demonstrate extremely similar traits in terms of game basics. Riot’s own statistics from Episode 3 Act 1 says that 16.5% of the players are occupying the ranks between Bronze 1 to Bronze 3. Since a good amount of players in VALORANT are Bronze, it could mean that most people aren’t playing the game the way it’s meant to be played. 

The Challenges in Bronze

The primary challenges of being a Bronze are quite similar to the challenges of being an Iron. Although, in Bronze 3, it’s possible to find sensible teammates who can communicate, execute and listen to callouts. Most players in Bronze are definitely better map readers than average Iron Players. However, this rank also houses a huge amount of smurf players. In terms of raw aim and gunplay, some Bronze players are able to utilize their ability correctly, while others might struggle. 

Bronze 3 being the “Hardstuck”

Often Bronze players find themselves stuck in this rank for an unusually long amount of time. Some common reasons for such annoying cases are also widely known. For example, Bronze players often get teamed up with throwers, smurfs, or simply, AFK players. As a consequence, they are sometimes left with negative Elo which is very hard to recover. Some other reasons include the lack of consistency or attention to detail among the players.

Best Ways to Climb from Bronze to Silver 

Maintaining Consistency

Besides spending a decent amount of time for aim training, you should start practicing alone in Custom matches to get better at map readings. Ultimately, better map reading means better control over situations, which enables you to plan precise executes. 

On top of that, you should be able to develop some habits of calling out some less-than-necessary things. Thus, your communication skills & in-game awareness will drastically improve. Being able to talk could often mean being able to lead.  

In our previous article, we have mentioned a thing or two about consistency. Bronze players should maintain consistency however possible. Often players tend to be really attentive in one match and completely oblivious to everything in the next match. Such habits will make you unable to perform when necessary and hamper your decision-making skills. There is no secret for maintaining consistency, it basically means being able to practice and maintain a routine.

Set a comfortable warmup schedule that is easy for you to maintain. Don’t opt-in for unrealistic goals, set a time limit for warmup, and be sure to follow it every day. Thus, you can maximize your potential by building a maintainable reflex and muscle memory.  


Establishing good communication will lay enable the entire team to play at their full potential. Bronze players are generally better at calling out some common parts of each map, but when it comes to the accuracy of the callout, it’s usually low. There are plenty of resources available which can make you get better at calling out precise locations. 

For example, “There are enemies at B site” could mean that the enemies are basically everywhere in B site or in a very particular position. 

A much better callout would be, “Three B backsite, two default boxes”. This would immediately help your teammates to prepare better and take fights with better caution. 

Gunplay: Recoil Control & adjustments 

We can assume that by the time you have made it to Bronze by following our guide, you are pretty familiar with the basics of gunplay. So, it’s time to focus on a very integral part of gunplay, recoil control. Controlling the recoil of a gun will assist you to spray bullets with better accuracy. It’s normal that every shot you take won’t be crisp and precise, so being able to slightly adjust your aim or spray can grant you many kills.  

Gunplay: Killbox 

A killbox means a general rectangle-shaped area where you are most accurate at taking down enemies. Low-elo players generally have a very small killbox whereas a high-elo player could master a big killbox. Practicing in AimLabs is a very effective way to increase the size of your Killbox. 

Chances of getting a kill inside or outside of a Killbox depending on the player
Chances of getting a kill inside or outside of a Killbox depending on the player

Agents to Pick In Bronze 


Our pick for the best duelist for Bronze is Reyna. Her abilities are non-lethal towards teammates and effective against enemies. Also playing Reyna will also activate your ability to properly use flash. Additionally, it will sharpen your ability to lead the team as an entry fragger. 


Picking Cypher is a great choice if you want to excel at defense. It will naturally mature your thought process and make you a better anchor. Knowing where to set Tripwires before the round is more important than learning fancy lineups, it explains a lot about how you are judging your opponent every round.  


According to many, Sova is the most important VALORANT agent to have in any team composition. Due to his ability to retrieve information, Sova’s importance is equally the same in every rank. Learning to play Sova will make you a dynamic player. Being Dynamic is crucial since there is no guarantee that what agent you will be able to play in your next ranked match.  


Smoke agents are a vital part of any agent composition. It’s practically impossible to gain access to any position without proper smokes. Playing Omen is difficult and it requires you to listen to your teammates or make judgment calls at certain moments. 


It might seem boring at some points but playing Sage will always grow your ability to lead your team better. Sage herself is a healing agent with some non-lethal abilities, but knowing where and when your team needs you the most is important. Her ‘Ressurection” ability is another reason why you should play Sage. 

Duo Partner 

5 stacking might not always be a viable option, so it’s better to look for an in-game partner with a similar mindset. Having a duo partner will boost your confidence and communication skills. As a result, ranking up will seem easier, at least. If your Duo partner has good elo, then you can expect to have decent teammates in your ranked matches too. 

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In short, getting promoted to Silver will bring other challenges which are vastly different from whatever you are going to face in Bronze. To avoid getting hardstuck in Bronze, make sure to play regularly and with great attention. 

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