How to get heirloom shards in 2023

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Heirlooms in Apex Legends are undeniably the most sought-after digital items in the game.

Respawn launched Apex Legends without any marketing back in 2019 which at the time seemed like a bold move for a developer to make since Fortnite and PUBG were still dominating the battle royale market.

Surprising everyone, it turned out to be a massive success for Respawn as this spin-off based in the Titanfall universe somehow managed to garner 50 million unique players accross all the different platforms.

While the game lacked a traditional battle pass at launch, it did had a trick up its sleeve called heirloom. Heirlooms are melee weapon skins that can be acquired through the Apex packs. And these packs are basically just paid loot boxes. Also, these heirlooms are usually based on a legends overall theme and backstory.

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Heirloom drop rate

Heirloom has the lowest drop rate of any items in the game at less than 1%, but Respawn later added bad luck protection by guaranteeing an heirloom with the 500th Apex pack. While Respawn lets players earn free Apex packs as a new player and in seasonal battle passes, the total number of free packs combined is still nowhere near the magical 500 number. Now in 2021, if you want an heirloom you have no other option other than ponying up to purchase some Apex packs.

Apex heirlooms
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Another way to get heirlooms is the collection events when these heirlooms first get released. A collection event usually contains 24 event-specific Apex packs that cost around 700 Apex coins. Purchasing all of these event-exclusive packs can guarantee the event-specific heirloom.

Following the collection events, these heirlooms join the marketplace where they can be purchased via heirloom shards only. In the past, players didn’t even have the option to choose which heirlooms they wanted since there were no heirlooms shards back in the day.

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Later Respawn added heirloom shards which can be used to purchase the heirloom of your choice from the digital market. As of now, you can either get extremely lucky by getting heirlooms in free packs or you can purchase Apex packs to reach the 500th pack which will guarantee an heirloom.

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