How to Get Free Drops & Watch Rewards From LCS, LEC, LPL, & LCK Summer 2022 Split

League of Legends summer split has already started, and you can unlock some great rewards from just watching the games.

It has only been a couple of weeks since MSI concluded, and RNG won back-to-back MSI trophies. Now it is time for the most competitive national tournaments. LPL has already started with LCS, LEC, and LCK starting soon. The summer splits are very important for teams as they are competing for a spot at Worlds 2022.

Most teams give much more importance to the summer split than spring. Most major regions will send their top three teams to this year’s World Championship. Only LPL will have four spots for Worlds as they won MSI this year. Every team will be fighting for those spots as the League of Legends World Championship is the biggest esports tournament in the world.

Playing in a World Championship also brings a lot of exposure and money. That’s why summer splits are always more enjoyable to watch than spring splits. Teams give their best to win every game. It’s an exciting time to be an esports fan. In addition, you can unlock some exclusive rewards just by watching the matches.

LoL Summer Split 2022 Watch Rewards

LoL Esports Watch Drops are random and can happen at any time of the day. But they are connected to specific moments of the tournament. For Example:

  • Pentakill: High chance of drop
  • Stolen Objective: Small chance of drop
  • Other Moments: Small chance of drop

Riot has added a new set of exclusive emotes and icons inspired by memes and great moments of the previous seasons. Also, more types of drops will be released during the year. You can get all the rewards by watching any esports match from LCS, LPL, LEC, or LCK Summer 2022 Split.

How to Get Watch Drops

Just like other previous LoL tournaments that offer watch drops, all you need to do is:

You should see a green checkmark on the player page. This means you are eligible to earn rewards. Also, watch drops are only given out to players who watch the games live. Watching VODs will not give out drops.

The frequency of drops is also random. For example, you might not receive drops for a few days and receive more than one in a single day.

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