How To Complete All Episode 9 Challenges In LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

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The Rise of Skywalker

Find out the last Skywalker by completing the challenges of Episode 9 of LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga.

In the previous episode, we saw Luke Skywalker take eternal peace. After that, a threat is prominent by Palpatine. He is resurrected and wants mighty Kylo Ren to join his side. Palpatine has formed the Final Order and orders Kylo to find Rey. More objectives will be given later. We will them facing off shortly. Well, not even very short when we see some of the Resistance members get captured. What happens then?

Explore this episode where the last Skywalker rises; a lost son regains his memory; the gigantic Star Destroyer on the battlefield, and many more. Let’s get you through this for one last time.

Level 1: A Skip & A Jump

Lock OffEvade locked-on 3 times in a row
Here Comes the BOOM!Take down 3 foes with Proton Torpedoes or Rockets
Poe-etic FlyingTime perfectly while activating Hyperdrive

Dodge three enemy missiles in a row, and you are already done with one challenge. What is left? Next in line is to take down three enemies with Rockets or Proton Torpedoes. I would suggest locking on them at first. And then blast them all at once.

For the last one, hit the Hyperdrive button in time to complete the final QTE segment. It should be a cup of tea.

Level 2: They Fly Now!

When Treadspeeders Fly!Destroy a treadspeeder before it reaches the ground
Never Underestimate a DroidHit a Jet trooper with a powder canister while being switched to BB-8
Teamwork!Shoot a Treadspeeder after letting him taste a powder canister

For this level, the suggestion would be switching to BB-8 and the rest of the crew from time to time. Let’s get the engine rolling with BB-8. Attack on Treadspeeders with powder canisters. At the very least, one will be sure to get stunned. At that time, switch to any character with a blaster. Send them to their makers.

Now, continue this rampage. You will see the Stormtroopers are starting to evade the field. Switch back to BB-8 again. Hit them with powder canisters again. They should know that never underestimate a droid.

The last one is a bit tricky as you will get only one chance at this. Look closely; one trooper will come at you from the left side. Some good damage will make him go dizzy. Finish him before he hits rock bottom.

Level 3: C-3P-Oh No!

Be Rey-ly QuietComplete this level without alarming anyone
New OrdersClear the main courtyard of Stormtroopers without raising the alarm
Right in the EyeBlast a UA-TT to disable its searchlight

Start from the courtyard. You will find the villain terminal there. Switch to a villain character. Troopers will now officially interact with you. They will even clear the zone out for you to “trespass.” New orders of First Order. Now, in the same courtyard, you will find a turret. Blast off the searchlight that is attached with the UA-TT. Oh, do all of these challenges in quiet mode, as you need to be rey-ley quiet.

Level 4: The Strength To Do It

Shocking!Damage Kylo by activating the electrical hazards
Dark Lord of the SurfLure Kylo into a crashing wave
Golden OpportunityLook out for a way to enter the Death Star without opening any door

Continue till the last phase. Nothing to do with the challenges before then. When you start the duel with Kylo Ren, start by luring him into the giant waves. You might get hit as well, but the later picture is greater. Now, quickly switch to BB-8. Make him grapple one of the generators around him. He will eventually get shocked.

For the final challenge, return to free-play mode. Make use of a bounty hunter to cause havoc on the doors of the last set. There will be gold parts on that, so focus on that. After that, grapple over the doors. This opportunity was quite golden, wasn’t it?

Level 5: Be With Me

Explo-SithUse the environment to your advantage to take down the Sith troopers
IncomingRide the Orbake without taking any damage from the Sith TIE Fighters
ShrugTake down the Knights of Ren as Ben Solo with ZERO death

Knights of Ren are just a cup of tea for the Solos. Switch to Ben Solo and take down the Knights. Now, switch to Finn and get on one of the Orbaks. Avoid getting hits from the ground, and you will be done with the incoming challenge you already faced.

For the last one, get back to free-play mode once again. Switch to a scoundrel. Blast off the generator that you will see at the first barricade. Siths are quite explosive.

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