How To Complete All Episode 7 Challenges In LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

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The Force Awakens

The Force has awakened! Join Poe, Rey, and others in the battle against the First Order and the mighty Kylo Ren. Let me be your guide for this Episode 7 of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

This episode is basically of the third Star Wars trilogy. After a bloody galactic civil war, the First Order returned to seek the New Republic. In the meantime, General Leia’s search for his brother Luke Skywalker is still on. Stormtroopers are now under the control of the mighty Kylo Ren. Your role in this episode will be pretty much escaping from everything in the first phase.

You will see yourself dogfighting the TIE fighters just after the clock has rolled a bit more. Last but not least, the mighty Kylo Ren himself pays a visit to you. Till then, complete some exciting challenges on the way, earn some studs, upgrade, and whatnot. Let me be your guide for this episode.

Level 1: First Order of Business

Hazardous Work EnvironmentDefeat the foes in the hangar bay by using hazards
Party Time!Trigger the disco
Sneaking MissionFind out an alternate underground route into the hanger bay

Turn hard right from your position at the very beginning. Blast off the Stormtrooper that has worked his last work. After that, use a grappling hook to open the door. Now, follow the hallway. You will end up in the control room eventually. Open the backway by arranging the keys. Reach the end of the line; you will see yourself climbing a ladder suddenly. Hanger will be just after that.

You will see some targets lying here and there when you are in the hanger. Shoot the targets. It will take out some of the troops.

Again, you have to get back to the hall where you started from. There will be a commander in the break room shortly. Don’t follow him like a creep! Go to the corner side of the room. Blow up the junks and build a command console from the materials. Make Poe trigger a disco ball. He will make sure to drop one from the ceiling. You are done here.

Level 2: Low Flying Garbage

Getting Pretty Good at ThisTake down 3 TIE Fighters in 5 seconds
How Low Can You GoLose or defeat a foe while piloting in The Graveyard of Ships
Not So Easy Without a Co-PilotEvade a locked-on enemy missile

This is a fun one. Fly around a bit. Not only you’ll earn some studs, but also you will complete the How Low Can You Go challenge.

Now, gather around some TIE fighters. Feels like you’ve had enough? Now, engage an open fire. See, you are getting pretty good at this! In the meantime, you will also see yourself getting locked on to a missile. Be careful with that and time the dodge. Not so easy without a co-pilot, aye?

Level 3: Reap What You Solo

The High GroundFind a way to the vantage point
Rathtar RuseTake down the second Rathtar instead of avoiding
Turret TakeoverTake control of the turret from below

Feels like you have dealt enough with the first Rathtar? Hold that feeling. Use the Rey’s Breaker Blaster to shoot down the ceiling above. Rathter Ruse case is solved. After that, find the Astromech command console in the next room. You will not be able to interact with it without a BB-8. This will eventually open up a secret path. Follow the path to the end of the line. You will find a lonely turret facing down the foes.

While you are with the turret, reach to the room just below the turret. You will find a password-protected crate. Use Finn’s grappling hook to pull the crate and take over the control system that will appear before you. Now, you have to take over the turret.

Level 4: Starkiller Queen

Rey’s EscapeDiscover how Rey escapes through the Starkiller Base
Rug PullBlow up the sniper bridge
Snowed inLock the Stormtroopers from the inside of the base

Hold your feet from the beginning as you are about to be in an ambush. Just as you proceed on the left path till reaching the bridge, Stormtroopers will bring down a literal storm on you. What you got to do is, switch to any of the scoundrel characters. After that, blow up the bridge. Your work is done here.

Keep yourself on the main track. You will find yourself at a dead end. Suddenly, there will be a flow of Stormtroopers. Do not float with them. Switch yourself to a hero character and use the grapple point above the door you will be facing just across the dead end. Close it, and the troopers will get locked outside. That ticks the Snowed In challenge.

Hold on a minute; there is a giant window just on your left. Move towards there, and there you will be seeing Rey escaping from that mess.

Level 5: Destroying Starkiller

Heck of a Pilot!Evade 3 enemy lock-ons
Snow JokeMake a Snowman out of Kylo
Keeping a Cool HeadShot the helmets off from 5 Snowtroopers

Evade three missiles by rolling, dodging, anything from your call. Heck of a challenge it is. After that, join Finn and Rey and start shooting off some helmets of the Snowtroopers. Just popping them off will be enough to complete this mission.

Kylo seems to revisit you. Out of mockery, build a BB-8 snowman out of Kylo. After that, switch to a Jedi and throw that snowman to Kylo. You are done with this episode here. But do remember, this is the only phase where you will get the chance to build a snowman and complete this challenge. There won’t be another opportunity to mock him.

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