How To Complete All Episode 3 Challenges In LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

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Be a Sith to complete all the hidden challenges in Episode 3 of LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga. Oh, and earn some Kyber Bricks on the way.

Do you remember the Revenge of the Sith? Legend says the duel between Grievous and Obi-wan was one of the best lightsaber duels. Well, you can now relive the memory once again in the LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga. Start from rescuing Supreme Chancellor Palpatine till Yoda battles with the Supreme Chancellor. As in this story, we will get to know the descent of Anakin into the dark side; this episode is known as one of the darkest of the Star Wars saga.

You will face more bosses in this episode than in any other one. Well, to be precise, four out of five missions are boss battles. From Dooku to General Grievous, you will be the one to say, Hello there!

Anyway, let’s get you through the challenges you will be facing in this episode. The levels are sorted, and all you have to do is scroll down. May the force be with you!

Level 1: All out for the Count

Beep BoopBackup Activate Turret Droid
Civil WarDefeat an enemy droid with an enemy droid
Wet FloorBe a scoundrel and take out the droideka

Switch into a Villain character at first. Then blast through the door on your left from where you started this stage. Now, activate the Turret Droid. No need to worry; it falls on the “Friendly Fire” list. You will need a Protocol Droid console to activate it.

To complete the Civil War challenge, switch to a droid character and then shoot a droid across from the laser wall. Boom, we are done here. Again, switch to a scoundrel-type character, find the wet floor, and you will see a wire hanging. Shoot the wire to electrocute the droideka. Now, run around to stack some studs. The more, the merrier.

Level 2: So Uncivilized

Attack of the DroidsTakedown 5 battle droids, 4 Magna Guards, and 5 Super Battle Droids without getting killed
Sneak AttackSurprise attack General Grievous on the Bounty Hunter path
Very UncivilizedTake out 2 Magna Guards with a blaster

Take out the Magna Guards after switching to Commander Cody. Then just blast’em off. Well, blast everyone off of the list from the Attack of the Droids challenge. One stone is enough for two birds.

To sneak up on General Grievous, take one bounty hunter with you, then surprise him from the right side. Clash with him head-to-head, and the last challenge is completed.

Level 3: Droid Attack on the Wookies

Force InfluenceMake an enemy clone take out another clone
Frequent FlyerFind a way to the escape pod in an alternate route
Kashyyyk-a-boo!Use an AT-RT to take out an enemy AT-RT and 3 clone troopers.

Start mind controlling of a clone trooper. Then shoot its friend. Now, build a hovercraft and travel along the route that goes by the giant trees. You will reach the escape pod in no time. Just the time you reach the area with AT-RT, hop down. There will be an unused AT-RT. Get on it and start rampaging.

Don’t think about what you are shooting at. Just shoot anything that moves until the last challenge is completed.

Level 4: Senate Showdown

Dazzling DisplayBlind Chancellor Palpatine with lights
Heads UpDrop a droid on his head
Return to SenatorCounter his Force Lightning Spin with the same attack

At the start, switch to Captain Typho. You will see a lever on the wall by your side. Grapple up as this will drop a droid on the Chancellor’s head. The mad Chancellor will soon run around throwing lightning bolts at you. Keep patience here. Switch to Yoda. Deflect the attack; you will.

To make Palpatine go blind by the lights, switch to one of the scoundrels. Now, shoot the lightning fixture that is pointed to the wall. The light will swivel, which will make Palpatine go blind. And there you go.

Level 5: The High Ground

Let Him Eat Cake!Throw the cake trolley at Anakin by force
Sneaking InReach to Anakin in an alternative route
Wilder AwarenessDeal some damage to Anakin by using the steam vents

Switch to R2-D2 and reach the Astromech Terminal. Complete the terminal sequence here. This will damage Anakin with the vents that throw off steam. Now, lift the cake trolley and throw it to Anakin just like that. I mean, by using force, of course.

After having a good time, Anakin will be forced to retreat. Following him will proceed you to the bridge. Now, look for a railing that goes just beside the wall. Jump over to scale on it. You will eventually reach into a room through a window. There he is! Your challenges are completed, Obi-wan Kenobi.

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