How To Complete All Episode 2 Challenges In LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is the latest installment of the Lego game series. This is a re-telling of the movies. Here you will find some challenges for every level which will test your mastery as a player.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is a game filled with things to do. It has a lot of collectibles that you can collect. These collectibles also unlock some new features and items in the game. Among them, one of the difficult things to do is the challenges.

Challenges are hidden at the start of the level. They only unlock after you have completed them or bought them for studs. So they are pretty challenging if you don’t want to spend studs on them.

So, we have compiled a list of all the episode 2 challenges right here. This way, you can do and complete them without spending your precious studs to reveal the challenges.

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Level 1: A Wrestle With Wesell

On level 1: A Wrestle with Wesell, you can complete within just one play. But it will be hard to collect damage and also finish within 4 minutes. So, it is better to separate the challenges into two plays.

On your first play, keep shooting everything for maximum damage. Also, make sure you don’t hit any buildings. In the second play, complete the 3rd challenge, which is to chase and defeat Zam Wesell within 4 minutes.

Challenge NameTask You Have to Finish
Jedi Need InsuranceCause more than 70,000 damage
Best Pilot in the GalaxyDefeat Zam Wesell without hitting any building
This is a ShortcutComplete the chase and also defeat Zam Wesell within 4 minutes

Level 2: The Hunt For Jango

On Level 2: The Hunt for Jango, you can complete the challenges your first time if you are careful enough. Avoid accelerating too much and play safe since there is no timer for these challenges. Navigate carefully and dodge all the attacks to get your challenges done.

Challenge NameTask You Have to Finish
Do an Aileron Roll!Do a roll to dodge the homing missile that is locked on your ship three times
Charged UpDo not get hit by Seismic Charge while completing the level
Flying is for DroidsNavigate through the biggest asteroid without crashing

Level 3: Droid Factory Frenzy

On Level 3: Droid Factory Frenzy, you start with fighting Geonosians. So use the mind trick to get the first challenge done. After that, when you need to rescue Padame, use R2-D2 for his grappling to get close and hack the close to save her.

As for the last challenge, on the last machine press of this level, you will find a way to zipline. Take the zipline to complete this challenge.

Challenge NameTask You Have to Finish
No Hanging AroundRescue Padame within 30 Seconds
Mind Control DroneUse Jedi mind trick and turn Geonosians against each other
Zipping Past DangerFind a shortcut over a conveyor belt

Level 4: Petranaki Panic

The challenges of the Level 4: Petranaki Panic are pretty easy. You can complete them on your first playthrough. You have to use Jedi tricks to complete all the challenges. Here are the challenges:

Challenge NameTask You Have to Finish
In Their Heads!Use Jedi mind control to damage one creature with another
Rumble in the ArenaRide Reek and trample through 20 droids
Re-giftedUse force to redirect Jango’s rocket and hit an enemy with it

Level 5: The Battle Of The Jedi

The challenges of Level 5: The Battle of The Jedi is a bit tricky. But you can do them within the first playthrough if you are quick enough. You have to complete the two challenges and reach Dooku all within 5 minutes.

As for the other two challenges, you can use force to defeat a Geonosian by throwing a crate within the “Electrical trap” section. It will count towards the challenge and save some time. Later you just have to defeat a battle droid with force to complete the challenge.

Challenge NameTask You Have to Finish
The Dark SideReach Dooku in under 5 minutes
Bug ZapperBuild the Electric Trap to get rid of the Geonosians
Forcing Them OutUse force to defeat a battle droid and a Geonosian Warrior

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