How To Complete All Episode 8 Challenges In LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

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The Last Jedi

Be the last Jedi standing to complete the Episode 8 challenges of LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga.

You have fought well in the Starkiller base. After this battle, General Leia, the Resistance leader, evacuated the base. Kylo sure does hesitate to shoot upon her mother, but fate has some other stories to tell. Who knows what happened to Leia? Furthermore, Luke now looks away from the Jedi. Well, R2-D2 does a good job changing his mind on the way. This takes us to the final standing, where we will see a duel between the mighty Kylo against Luke.

If you feel like joining the Resistance and helping to rise it again, there are some challenges for you to complete beforehand. Even though Captain Phasma might feel like a pain, you will be sure to enjoy dealing with her and other challenges. So let me break down these for you today.

Level 1: Dameron’s Defiance

Ace PilotComplete this level with ZERO death
How’s My Shooting?Take down 3 TIE Fighters in 5 seconds
Return to SenderTake down 3 TIE Barons with Proton Torpedos

Hold your horse till the TIEs are on the field. Then just fly around them and cause mayhem. Also, destroy everything that moves on the deck of the Dreadnought. The pocket’s not going to get empty, at the very least.

To ace being a pilot, just don’t crash and keep a sharp eye on your shield. It will start to regenerate once it’s depleted. Watch out for the ships with glowing pink trails for the last challenge. Those are the TIE Barons. Collect the Proton Torpedoes from these ships and let them taste their own medicine.

Level 2: Master Codebreak-Out

Isn’t it Ironic?Lure a guard in a cell and lock him
Prison BreakGet into the guard room without being detected
Guards DownTake down 8 guards during the jailbreak

Walk around the core cells and find the central guard hub. Then draw attention, and you will see two guards rushing out from the command room. Maintain a good distance from there, or otherwise, you will be visible. They will soon recognize what they have fallen into, so you have to act quickly here. Flip the switch beside the cell. It will lock them up in there.

Find the gonk droid somewhere in the cells. Use to ride and reach the gonk droid plate. It will be on the outer wall. Get off the droid. You will see a cell with a prison guard statue in it. Move it and take it in front of the guard room. Press the identification button after that. The door will be opened, and the challenge is done. There will be a riot after you have destroyed the generator. There will be a swarm of guards shortly after that; take down 8 of them and escape.

Level 3: No Snoke Without Fire

You’re Embarrassing Me!Switch to Rey and get restrained by Kylo 3 times
Supreme LoserTake down all of the Praetorian Guard under 5 minutes
Total DestructionKnock a Praetorian Guard down the shaft

Switch to Rey at the very beginning and go crazy on the Stormtroopers. Kylo definitely will not be impressed with it and will restrain you by using force. Do this two more times; the challenge will be done, at least. Who knows what Kylo might think after that.

When you reach Snoke’s Throne room, start attacking the Praetorian guards near the open shafts. Keep your horse steady and make them stand in front of the shaft. Eventually, shove one of them into the shaft, and you will be done here. Well, it will not take more than 5 minutes, of course. You will be done with the Supreme Loser challenge as well.

Level 4: Chrome Dome Down

Heads Up, Chrome Dome!Drop a TIE Interceptor on Captain Phasma
Phasma-tastic!Deal some damage on Captain Phasma in 9 unique ways
Trouble UnderfootPilot an AT-ST to trample 10 Stormtroopers

This one is a bit hectic. Captain Phasma needs to be taken down in 9 unique ways. Start off with shooting the green target above the TIEs. They will be on the conveyer belt above Phasma. Drop one TIE and start the damage cascade and one of the challenges will a get tick as well.

After that, shoot her with a net cannon by constructing at first. Next, find the roller bomb that will be on the left of her tower. Ride it to the red circle area. It will get triggered and blast her off. In the second arena, hack the terminal that will be on your left. It will send several TIE Fighters at her. After that, blow her silver bars with an Imperial grenade. This damage will expose her weak points. Quickly jump onto the turret and deal some more damage.

Find the Imperial weapon locker on the right side in the third phase. Take the mini-gun and start shooting her. Just like the first time, drop a vehicle on her head. At the very least, you will see a ladder on the right side of her. Climb up and head to the turbine. Turn it on, and it will pull her in. Rest in pieces.

Finally, find the AT-ST and just stomp over some Stormtroopers. Challenge says ten, so count ten from backward. We are done here, sir.

Level 5: Ground A-Salt

I Can Dig it!Build the Boxing Glove Drill and punch your way through the Crystal caves
Knock-Knock!Find out the wind-up MSE droid and destroy the emergency exit
Tight SqueezeFind a shortcut by using 3 Protocol Droid

Switch to Finn at first, and walk towards the left path that passed by the giant driller. Then, destroy some junk in front of you and use them to build the Boxing Glove. Attach it to the giant driller, and it will wake up. You can dig it, for sure.

While you are in the TNT room, you will see Protocol Terminal up the stairs. Use it and take control over a protocol droid. Make use of it to take yourself to a secret passage. Travel through the tunnel, and we are done here.

Again to the TNT room. Follow the path that will take you to two emergency doors. There will be an elevator on the left side. On the second floor, use the grapple handle to fix the ladder. It will take you to the Hero Terminal. A giant claw will suddenly come out of nowhere and crush the containers you saw on the first floor. With the debris materials, build an MSE droid and send it back at the door to make some knock-knock jokes.

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