How to change colors in VALORANT’s in-game text chat

While the voice chat feature in VALORANT is quite robust, players can still use the in-game text channel to communicate with teammates.

Aside from communicating with teammates, the text channel can be used to talk with the opposition as well. Recently, one really savvy VALORANT fan realized that they can actually customize the colors of the text chat using some easily accessible commands.

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Change chat color in VALORANT

Using simple commands like “<enemy>”, “<system>”, “<warning>”, players can create different colored text to display in the text channel. Use this trick to further customize your play session in VALORANT.

VALORANT launched with a lot of customization options baked in from day one. For example, from crosshairs to in-game minimap, players can customize all most everything they want. Riot spend almost six years developing VALORANT before they launched the first closed beta back in 2020.

And it turned out to be a major success for the company as VALORANT quickly became one of the most popular tactical FPS shooters of all time with a developing Esports scene. Riot made this game from the ground up to be a competitor to CSGO which is currently dominating the tactical shooter genre.

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Riot intended to disrupt the tactical shooter market by introducing hero shooter abilities in a tactical shooter game. Based on the viewership from the recent LAN event, VALORANT is already showing a lot of promise.

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