VALORANT: V1 vanity states that the Judge requires a nerf and mentions its low pick rate

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Riot Games

Professional VALORANT player vanity says Judge is overpowered and in need of a nerf.

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VALORANT offers players an arsenal of 17 guns to choose from. The Judge is one of the two shotguns among them. While shotguns are supposed to be ineffective at longer ranges, the Judge is efficient at medium ranges as well. The attributes of this particular gun have been criticized multiple times by casual players and professionals alike. Many consider using this weapon toxic and disrespectful. However, even after being considered overpowered, Judge sees minimal usage across the board.

Anthony mentions the current state of Judge

Considering the gun overpowered, the community has come up with various nerf ideas for the gun. Bumping up the price of the gun can be a viable way of nerfing it. As of now, the Judge costs 1600 credits making it a feasible option for eco rounds. Another idea of nerfing the gun is reducing its base damage. Lowering its effective range can also decrease its capability.

In a recent Tweet, professional player Anthony “vanity” Malaspina from Version1 stated that the Judge is broken but also asks why people don’t use it as much. This is because many players consider using the Judge ‘not fun’ and even toxic. However, vanity meant that the gun’s imbalance is blown out of proportion by the community.

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Even if the Judge is not as broken as some make it out to be, it does require a nerf. The other shotgun, Bucky, was nerfed in patch 2.06 after receiving a series of complaints from pros and casuals. Hopefully, Riot will respond to the feedback from the community and implement changes to the Judge.

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